YouTube Rewind is The Most Disliked Video on YouTube| Here is Why

 YouTube Rewind decided to imitate me, and let people down this year, by being the most disliked video ever.

Not cool buddy, we expected more from you.

YouTube Rewind which is the most awaited annual video that YouTube makes which in a gist tells us all the things that trended during the year. Each year, YouTube has bested itself but alas, it’s that time of the year where it has  finally let us down (just like everything does, am I right ladies?)

It has more than 11 million dislikes, overtaking Justin Bieber’s 2010 song “Baby,” which has just under 10 million dislikes. While it took Bieber’s video approximately eight years to rack up that dislike count, YouTube Rewind beat it in closer to eight days.


It was pretty obvious as to why it didn’t work out. Most of the most obvious things weren’t given mention and some unnecessary things were highlighted in it.


What went wrong?

1] The PewDiePie vs T-Series subscriber war, which has had the entire Internet hooked for months, got no mention.

2] Also, no mention was made of Logan Pauls’ notorious Japan vlog, which kicked off a global controversy after he posted a video that showed him and his friends laughing about an actual corpse they filmed, hanging from a tree in Japan’s “suicide forest,” back in January.

3] The great Laurel-Yanny debate, surgery on grape meme were all left out too.

4] K-pop fans outraging over the fact that the video mentioned the genre, but BTS was conveniently ignored?


People were so outraged that some content creators took the effort to make alternate versions of YouTube Rewind and people are loving them.


We still believe in you YouTube. You’ll come back stronger and better x



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