Yami Gautam – Cruising her way

Yami Gautam earnestly speaks her thoughts in an exclusive conversation with Utsavi Jha.

While her fans might be in awe of how she is navigating her career, Yami still wonders, somewhere in her mind, how the reserved Himachal girl who nurtured her Bollywood reveries only behind closed doors actually came to pursue them. We pictured her as the IAS Officer she was studying to become and despite the fact that she would’ve been a great one, we’re glad she went down the unfamiliar path because have you seen her? With her feet on the ground and head among the stars, Yami Gautam knows where she comes from and where exactly she’s heading.

Her likeable bull’s-eyes debut in Vicky Donor made sure audiences take notice of her and her winning streak through movies like Kaabil, Badlapur and Sarkar made sure she became hard to forget.

We were floored by the candour and enthusiasm with which Yami answered our many strange questions but we’re not one bit guilty because underneath those sultry eyes and beautiful smile we discovered a fairly techy person who loves her speakers, has ideas for gadgets she can invent, robots she can have strutting around and don’t we love a techie?


Life will always go my way and not just in the next 10 years! I live in my own world and it’s different than living in a bubble!


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Yami was sure to chime in that life will go her way not just in the next 10 years, but always and that’s the way she lives life. We think the go-getter will not go home without getting what she wants and we think that’s pretty rad!

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