Women In Travel

Recently, I had been on a trip to a Women Entrepreneurship Summit, conducted by Kerala Government’s Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM). As the name signifies, the summit was an exclusive one for women, as in comprising of, by and for women. This was indeed a moment of joy and that women participating really had walked a very long way to get there. These women proved that grit and perseverance are the keys to success.


In this issue, we are solely focussing on travel. And, this section deals with women in the travel industry. More than half of the corporate travel agencies say that the percentage of females has been increasing since the past few years.


As per Intrepid Travel, the travel industry is waking up to the economic power of women. The study also states that 63 percent of women travelling across the globe are women. The age group varies somewhere between 25-39. Also, leading travellers are of the opinion that over 8- percent of the working women who purchased travel products or services offline, had thoroughly researched about them.


Study states that women travel just for the sake of having fun. They are often spotted to travel together, and booking trips also doesn’t seem too different. Travel agents also state that around 91 percent of women travel with their fellow women tribe, mostly their friends. Relatives account for only 8 percent of the company.

According to another US travel site, around 55 percent of travel agents like to travel solo. This is majorly because they solely want to cherish their independence and they are sophisticated enough to travel alone. Also, some experts believe that women are usually interested to in visiting an unusual destination. On the other hand, others say that women prefer making their own schedule. Also, may women find solace in travelling solo.


Recently, I encountered a post on social media that explained numerous reasons as to why should Indian parents allow their children to travel solo. Out of them, one explained that travel often helps in connecting dots, and a lot of times in rediscovering themselves. Also, because travel makes you a better person too.

Though, it is true that all of us seek company and are often in the awe of solitude once people we are left alone. However, the truth is that travelling solo often helps you discover a lot. You finally learn to move out of your comfort zone, and see that travel helps you explore a lot of options before you are actually worn out.

And, women make it worth!

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