Why PUBG Or Anything Tech Will Never Dry Indian Youth Of Creativity

When we talk of young India, technology in hands is always a matter of paramount concern. At times, Indian youth depending too much on tech has been the subject of many criticisms looked upon as a threat towards creativity getting grounded. Discussing the same, expert panels’ opinion was quite alarming and encouraging at the same time as witnessed at the recently concluded ThinkEdu Conclave. Taran Singh, who is the founder of Melvano, an app targeted to help IIT students and teachers alike said, “The usual idea is that technology will impede brainstorming. But, on the contrary, it will help to brainstorm. In fact, there are studies to show that video games like PUBG help in improving the visual-spatial ability of users and problem-solving capabilities.”

Speaking on the same note was, Malavika Banerjee, Director of Kolkata Literary Meet. In her expert opinion, she laid stress on tech helping to “Bridge the Gap” for many recurring issues of Literary Meet held every year in Kolkata. As such, parking of vehicles is a persisting issue. To ease the situation, the Literary committee resorted to live-streaming which actually boosted the response towards the Literary Festival, including from every other individual who would shy away or look at the meet as an area of disinterest. Imagine people having a chance to listen to Bengali poetry from far away in Norway. He further laid added emphasis, “Nothing can stop a creative mind from creating. There was a store from Guatemala at the exhibition that had their traditional designs on display. Around seven to eight months later, weavers in South Bengal were able to recreate the design on a sari,” Malavika Bannerjee said so while she recalled of an exhibition organised in Kolkata that showcases weavers and their creations from different corners of the world. Now, all this, according to her is the fine fruit of technology and would not have been possible otherwise.

Citing Andhra Pradesh Government’s initiative, Jayaram Komati, special representative for North America, Andhra Pradesh Government, said, “We have created around 3600 digital classrooms where kids will have access to technological tools right from the beginning.” Such an effort not only puts tech to good use but also emerges as a harbinger towards the interest of resident Indian communities across their home town as well. The funds thus collected is further being used towards the betterment of the state-run schools.

However, on a closing note, it was declared that although tech has many benefits to take into account, there are also several such pitfalls that the youth needs to check. One such thing is declining human interaction which is otherwise an ill offering of technology arising out of too much dependence, and only a balanced outlook can eradicate such shortcomings.

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