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We are amidst all the cryptocurrency rage and the world suddenly embarking on a more digital route. In light of smartwatch domination and popularity, we thought of throwing light on smartwatches that enable digital payments and here are our top picks.

Apple Watch Series

Yes we know the Apple Watch series allows Apple Pay only in the USA and UK and hence won’t be relevant for our Indian Apple fans, but there is no harm in admitting that it is a top watch for its mechanism and hope that it comes to India soon. Thanks to Apple Pay and identity verification in the iPhone, paying with your wrist is as simple as it can get. In the future, the series will only get better with the 4th one coming out in 2018 as you’d also be able to send money to friends and family via the service.



Samsung Gear S3

After becoming one of the reigning brands in the smartphone category, Samsung decided to expand its popularity and goodwill to the wearable industry with the Gear S3. This move, in turn, works well for Samsung Pay. Unlike other payment systems, Samsung Pay works with magnetic strip readers, thus allowing it to work at more places than other NFC-based payment systems. And what more? In addition to being efficient at digital payments, the watch looks great too.



LG Watch Sport

For those looking beyond the Apple and Samsung smartwatches that allow contactless payment options, LG Watch Sport might feel like a perfect fit for you. The Watch Sport fully supports Android Pay allowing you to tap your wrist to a whole host of payment terminals until your virtual wallet runs dry. And in addition to the efficient payment features, it runs on the latest version of Android Wear 2.0 and is also equipped with many beneficial features like Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, Wi-Fi, accelerometer, microphone and loudspeaker.



Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45

The above mentioned smart wearables sure are efficient but if you fancy sporting a smart and good-looking watch that enables you to make digital payments, there’s no better option other than Tag Heuer Connected Modular 4 model. The watch sure is expensive but it gives you all the luxury you could want, including a matte black ceramic watch face and, of course, you can use Android Pay to pay for things.


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