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A hybrid smartwatch incorporates a handful of smart features from the regular smartwatches and that makes it a bit more capable than other ‘dumb’ watches. The Diesel On Time Hybrid smartwatch thus allows you to experience the magic of a smartwatch while being as close to being traditional as it can. The watch is priced at ₹ 16,795 onwards.

What’s New?

The watch needs to be paired with the Diesel On app and connected via Bluetooth in order to be used. The app is user-friendly and lets you configure notifications- be it sleep and activity tracking, receiving calls/message alerts, alarms or play music. The watch dial is equipped with buttons on the side- the one on top is the quick toggle for alerts while the button at the bottom is the trigger button for phone functions. By configuring them as per requirements, you can receive filtered notifications, receive alerts on the wrist, take photos and play music. A major plus is the fact that the watch runs on normal coin-size batteries, and will go on for months at a stretch despite regular use and functionality. You can set the time with the help of the app and also set the time for a second time zone the same way. Moreover, the watch automatically adjusts time zones when you travel.

How does it look and feel?

This hybrid timepiece is chunky with a round gunmetal case 58mm in diameter and 13mm in thickness, and refined metal and classic leather strap. The big lugs and a solid build highlight the raw and rebellious appeal that Diesel is known for. Amidst all positives, there are certain points that don’t quite hit the bull’s eye- step tracking is fairly basic and not completely accurate, while sleep tracking is also sometimes inaccurate. The industrial chunkiness of the watch can make it slightly uncomfortable to wear to bed if you wish to track your sleep.

However, all in all, the watch is a great buy for those wanting the smartwatch experience but wishing to ditch the quintessential smartwatch dial face.

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