After failing to get JustDial going in the early 90s, VSS Mani has been on the right track with his offering for more than a decade now. Here are 9 things that have set him apart from the rest of the crowd.\n\nI) Mani started Justdial with 6 employees and an initial investment of INR 50,000.\n\nII) It started with some rented computers, borrowed furniture and by hiring a few college students in the beginning, to collect data by literally knocking every door in Mumbai.\n\nIII) After 17 years, Justdial has more than 7,400 employees, a presence pan-India, and even in the US, and a database of approximately 9.1 million listings.\n\nIV) Seventy percent of its revenue comes from existing customers.\n\nV) Mani has worked relentlessly, standing tall through thick and thin, building Justdial from scratch to a multi-million dollar company and taking it to IPO in March this year.\n\nVI) He believes that reducing the time-to-market is an extremely crucial issue for the players within the industry.\n\nVII) He emphasised the role IT has played for his company, when he recently said in an interview, The sheer task of standardizing processes across such a volatile workforce would have been a daunting task without IT. IT has also helped in price modelling and discovering ways to make profits.\n\nVIII) He also been a proponent of Open Source as it has freed the organization from vendor lock-ins and concentrate on getting better hardware.\n\nIX) Mr. Mani discontinued his pursuit of the Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from University of Delhi after completing two years and also undertook articleship under a member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts of India.\n\n“The sheer task of standardizing processes across such a volatile workforce would have been a daunting task without IT. IT has also helped in price modelling and discovering ways to make profits.”

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