How difficult is it to work in the same place for long? If you ask Vanitha, she will answer, not much. For someone who has been a devotedly working with IBM for more than 26 years now. Here are 9 of her career highlights.\n\nI. She is an MBA in Information Systems from the University of Houston and learnt her first lessons in adapting to the American society by working in the sales department of a mall.\n\nII. She started as a trainee in 1987 in IBM and serviced telecom customer Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in Missouri in the US.\n\nIII. She gradually matured here and climbed the ladder to become the company’s Global Vice President for its telecom solutions offerings and in 2006 moved to Shanghai to run the communications sector business for its Asia Pacific Unit.\n\nIV. She arrived in India in the year 2009 and served as a Sales and Distribution Leader followed bythe Managing Partner for Global Business Services.\n\nV. In 2012, she was inducted into the IBM Industry Academy, which was designed to advance IBM as a brand and take it ahead as a thought.\n\nVI. When she was promoted as IBM’s Managing Director in 2013, she was the first woman head for its Indian operations, and took over at a time when prevailing over its rivals was of utmost importance.\n\nVII. Extremely modest, she associates herself more with the word˜influential’ than ˜powerful’.\n\nVIII. Presently based in Bangalore with her family, she loves catching up political news, reading and cooking (watching shows based on it and also making it happen in real).\n\nIX. A charismatic leader, she has, very beautifully traced her own journey in IBM in an interview, stating that her first decade was about appreciating an industry and a client, the second was about bringing value and building organizational capability while the third is all about leadership in different cultures and environments!

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