Valentine’s day Do’s and Don’ts

You succeeded in finding a date this Valentine’s day (finally) and now that you have a cool plan, you have absolutely no clue as to what to do on this ‘day of lovers’. Lowkey, we know you’re panicking and the last thing you want to do is mess up, right? Let’s just say all these romcoms you watched and the romantic, soppy songs you listened to, build up to this day. And, being the lovely folks we are, we’re going to help you today. Behold these do’s and don’ts and get a chance to sustain your relationship past this one day!


  • Give love a chance and go out on a date with someone who asked you even when you’re a little reluctant to go with them
  • Make plans with people you love; it does not have to be a romantic date
  • Get yourself a heart-shaped pizza
  • Do tell someone you love them!
  • Pick up lines are good but not the cheesy ones
  • Be innovative, spontaneous and adventurous. Move beyond the roses, for God’s sake!


  • Don’t exchange lame gifts like a teddy bear or a rose!
  • Please don’t market your love. Keep it simple, silly!
  • When at work, don’t ignore certain people and gift the others. Might seem rude
  • Don’t get over ambitious and expect more today on this day
  • Lastly, don’t get hung up on this day. You know that cheesy thing they say, right? It’s Feb 14 every day when in love!

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