USA is Trumped!

To be very honest, the joke’s on us. This is the one time we can safely say that America’s worst nightmare came true and the reality is not going to be very smooth. For all those who shunned away the thought of Trump actually taking over the White House as a happening that would never really materialise, it’s time to digest the fact that Trump would be the torchbearer of the Presidency for the United States as he takes over from the much loved former President Barack Obama to, like he says, “make America great again” for the next 4 years. While Hilary scored it majorly in the states along the west coast and most of those on the east coast, Trump took away the votes with states majorly in the interiors.

While we wait to see the internet crash with tweets and reactions, we are going to go grab a tub of popcorn to take the backseat and enjoy everything that unfolds right before our eyes. And once we’re done with that, we will get back to our 500 and 1000 rupees situation. Sigh. Ciao, then!us-vote-republicans-debate-483208412-571b72aeddd9f-1

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