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  • AWESOMESAUCE: Something that is more awesome than awesome itself. It is used to modify the normal, basic awesome into a more awesome version.
  • BOOTS: This word is added to an adjective or verb to stress on them or signify that something is mad. For instance, you can say that dress is hot boots!
  • CRUNKThis word means a lot of things – can be a combination of crazy and drunk, something awesome or at a high level (for volume) or to have a good time.
  • DEADASSThis is the internet slang to say that someone is acting very serious.
  • EXTRA: This word is used for someone who is trying too hard or being over the top. For instance, “He is being extra AF”.
  • FREAK FLAG: This word is used to describe any particular characteristic or mannerism, either subtle or overt, that stands true for their unique, eccentric, or unconventional behavior or thinking.
  • GUCCI: This slang is associated with or used to describe something that is cool, flashy or of high quality.
  • HUNDO PIf you want to say that you totally agree with someone or that you agree 100 percent with someone, you say you’re Hundo P into something.
  • IN THE BAG: If you wish to say that you certainly will achieve something or have got it, you can say, “If we get this one thing right, then the deal is in the bag.”
  • JANKY: It stands for anything that is of poor quality and gives serious doubts about its functionality.
  • KNOCKOUTUsed to describe a very attractive woman, the word evidently wants to convey that she is so attractive that she can literally knock someone out.
  • LEGENDARY: This is used to convey a state of extreme awesomeness; for instance- The concert was legen-wait for it-dary!
  • MAN CAVE: Space or room where a man can decorate, behave the way he likes and do things like watch TV, have drinks without any restraint.
  • NINJA SEX: When one has to have sex without making a sound (perhaps because the roommate is sleeping on the next bed), people are said to have had ninja sex.
  • ONE UPPER: This word is used to describe a story narrated by someone that is similar but more fascinating than a story narrated by someone else (usually considered false).
  • PHAT: It is a convenient short-term for “pretty hot and tempting” (generally a woman with ample assets), or to describe something that’s very cool and awesome.
  • QUANTUM PHYSICSSomething that you just don’t understand or find a logic for; the ultimate mind-screw. For instance, not being able to find the other sock from the pair after laundry.
  • RENDEZBOOZE: Taken from French word “Rendezvous”, it is used for a designated time and place to drink with a group of friends.
  • SNATCHED: Snatched is the new on fleek. It is used to describe anything that is on point or looks great. If your eyebrows are on fleek, they’re snatched!
  • TURNT: This word is used to describe an excessive state of excitement, or overall craziness. I might be used to refer to someone who is intoxicated with alcohol or something else.
  • UNCLE SAM: This is a slang used to talk about the President of the United States of America.
  • VIRGIN EARS: It’s a term that is used to point out someone’s naiveté or describe someone who hasn’t been exposed to talk about sex, drugs, profanity, etc.
  • WOKE: To be enlightened and completely aware of a current event or everything that’s happening in the world around them.
  • X: Secret word for drug Ecstasy (MDMA), used as “I took the X yesterday at the party.”
  • YOLO: Who doesn’t know this word? – You Only Live Once.
  • ZERO CHILL: When someone is totally uncool or not behaving in a chill manner, it is said that they have no chill or zero chill.

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