Tuning In With Payal Dev

Payal Dev is a singer and an upcoming composer who has had only highs in 2019. A year of exploration and opportunities, Payal is now looking forward to the start of something new as 2020 kickstarts in full force. As her melodies interlace into beautiful memories, Smriti Raizada gets to know more about Payal’s one true love – music.
Ex: Childhood usually holds a strong influence in the life of an artist. Is there a particular moment or phase in yours that made you believe that music is the right path for you?
Payal Dev: My journey started back when I was in 8th standard and my mother started to teach me singing. During those days I began performing at live shows to boost my confidence and it really helped. Two years ago, I realised that I know my melodies well and have good knowledge about them, so I tried composting which actually turned out well, when I think about it now.
Ex: Do you have an icon or an artist you draw inspiration from?
PD: Well, I am inspired by Asha Jii and Lata Jii because they both are very very versatile singers and at some point it’s Sunidhi Chauhan also because she have got different texture of voice, I used to love listening to her song those days.
Ex: How would you describe your sound?
PD: I’ll say my sound is unique. It’s actually not very tough to sing different genres, in the sense that if you have to sing a soft song then you must get into the feel so that the song comes out the way that the song demands. You have to actually listen to the lyrics and set the energy for that song accordingly. I personally love dance number because the are easy and my audience loves them. But lyrics are the king – I have to get a hang of the lyrics only then depending on the music composer, I can figure out the energy and the feel of the music.
Ex: You’ve already had a few great hits in the industry, consequence of which was definitely a boost on your social media presence. How important do you think social media platforms are in this day and age for artists?
PD: I feel social media is an important aspect in today’s time. It’s the need of the hour as it gives us a platform to promote our music and songs that can reach out to millions who use social media in their daily lives. But social media popularity can only go as far as the amount of hardworking you put in, so of course, that still remains the most important aspect of your work.
Ex: Let’s talk about your recent projects. You’re one of the lucky ones to have sung alongside Salman Khan. What’s been the best memory through that experience?
PD: I have met Salman several times now. He is a great human who takes his work very seriously. He loves singing and little do people know that it’s also his passion. Yes singing alongside Salman as my co-singer, was a dream come true and for this I really want to thank Sajid Wajid for giving me this opportunity. Even though I have sung a few solos before, the time I sang with Salman Khan will always be the most special.
Ex: What would you say is your highlight of 2019? How is 2020 looking for you?
PD: 2019 was a year of really good opportunities for me like Student Of The Year 2, Khandaani Shafakhana but most importantly Tum Hi Aana from Marjaawaan. I am extremely happy that people have loved and appreciated all of my songs from 2019 and I only want to make 2020 ten times better than that!
Ex: What would the theme song of your life be?
PD: Zindagi ki Yahi reet hai, Haar ke baad hi Jeet hai
Ex: Your dream collaboration would be with?
PD: I would definitely love to collaborate with Enrique Iglesias.
Ex: What are your travel tech essentials?
PD: Headphones and Portable Charger
Ex: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
PD: In a more successful space making people happy with my music!
Ex: A Quote you live by?
PD: Always try harder and believe in yourself, nothing is impossible.

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