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Travelling is often considered the best way of creating memories and who better would be to share this wonderful experience than your significant other. Though, there is a famous saying by Charles Schulz, “In life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with”. If you put in a little thought into where to travel and explore a place where you end up spending the best time with your beau, your memories will become even more special just like your love and bonding. Here are some new places that you might want to consider and you can be sure of finding the right place that would suit both your mood and preferences.

Costa Rica romantic getaways honeymoon

  • Costa Rica – A Romantic Escape

Are you two nature admirers? Well, how about eloping to a place right in the lap of nature? Costa Rica is a complete excitement package for everyone especially couples. It has a plethora of activities like sailing under the sun, waterfall-hiking, hot springs, beaches and of course, Manuel Antonio National Park with its blissful wildlife, lush rainforest.

Vermont Route 100 – For The Road Trippers

  • Vermont Route 100 – For The Road Trippers

As they say, the journey is beautiful than the destination with your bae. This is the perfect way to prove it. Drive through the 230 km long stretch with scenic beauty throughout. This route in New England is popular amongst couples who love road trippers with good food, good music and good company. The countryside offers a historical and cultural heritage with activities like fishing, hiking, skiing etc.


  • Seychelles – For The Beach Lovers

Ever fantasised of going on a deserted island with the person you love? Well, if your answer is yes, then turn your fantasy into a reality by taking your partner to one of the world’s most romantic and uncrowded places. It is the best way of enjoying each other’s company and get intimate. In fact, you can have the luxury of hiring a private island. With a luxury stay, white mud, clear turquoise water, delicious delicacies, a glass of old wine and your love, how else can you define a perfect getaway in the most romantic way possible? Have you tried sex on the beach, it’s much more than just a cocktail!

Hot air balloon flying over Cappadocia Turkey

  • Cappadocia, Turkey – For The Ones Who Likes To Do Things Differently

It is not very often that we see couples planning a vacation to Cappadocia, but lesser do we know that it can turn out to be your most amazing experience with your beau. Reason? Cappadocia has love in the air, literally with the hot air balloon rides. The hot air balloon ride over the surreal beauty and splendid valleys along with beautiful rock formations. Well, once you are up there with that kind of a view, your love story wouldn’t seem to be any lesser than a romantic movie.

Santorini - A Couples Paradise

  • Santorini – A Couples Paradise

If you haven’t checked Santorini off from your list, you should do it right away. The place is merely breath-taking with its multi-coloured cliffs, dramatic landscapes and romantic sunsets. You can go diving together, long drives, sunset hike or just stay in a hotel with a private pool and view of Santorini, everything is worth cherishing.

Bavarian Alps, Germany – The Fairy Tale Vacay

  • Bavarian Alps, Germany – The Fairy Tale Vacay

Want to get the feel of being the prince to your princess, the magical castles straight out of a fairy tale awaits you in Southern Bavaria. Experience a stay in the medieval town of Füssen with huge castles that are surrounded by beautiful views of the place.

Northern Lights In Norway – Dream With Open Eyes

  • Northern Lights In Norway – Dream With Open Eyes

If you want to experience the magic of love with the magic of nature, don’t forget to visit this perfect place for the new-age romantics. Seeing the sky enlightened with majestic green lights while holding your beau in your arms is like living a dream. Don’t believe us, try it yourself and you can thank us later!

Tanzanian Safari – For A Wild Experience

  • Tanzanian Safari – For A Wild Experience

Tanzanian safari takes you to an explored part of the world which has incredible national parks and wildlife conserves. If you and beau are fond of wildlife, this is currently the Mecca for wildlife lovers. To add on to your thrill, you can hike the Mount Kilimanjaro. Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest inactive and intact volcanic caldera, is also one of the must-visit places here. Up for some adventure?

Darby Montana – A Place For adventures And Explorers

  • Darby Montana – A Place For adventures And Explorers

This same place is capable of offering you two completely different experiences depending on when you visit Darby, spring or winters. Winters will be all about skiing, dog-sledging, snowboarding etc. and spring would be all green with activities like fishing, cycling, hiking, sapphire mining etc. Another thing that makes Darby super exciting is its Breweries & Wineries. Getting high with bae in Montana sounds exciting!

Sonoma County, California – A Foodies Delight

  • Sonoma County, California – A Foodies Delight

This place has over 17 wine regions with 400 wineries and some irresistibly delectable cuisine along with beautiful landscapes. Traveling Sonoma county with your beloved feels like experiencing love, life and nature all in one go. The Pacific coastline, accommodations at oceanfront while spotting migrating whales, is like the icing on the cake.

Holland – Flower Enthusiasts

  • Holland – Flower Enthusiasts

The flower garden from Holland is not just a visual treat but also world famous with over 7 million tulips and daffodils and hyacinths spread over 32 hectares with colour and fragrance. In fact, Holland is a place in itself where you can explore windmill farms, architectural heritage, cruising, wildlife and world-class beer, what else would you ask for?

Colorado – From Mild To Wild

  • Colorado – From Mild To Wild

This place has an endless list of activities that you can enjoy with your partner without getting bored. Wildlife watching, hunting, meals at cowboy cookout, walk at the Manitou Incline, horseback riding, rock climbing, fishing, golf, wine tasting are just to name a few. You may pick the mild or wild, this place will not let you down.

Travelling with someone encourages you to try so many different things which would not be fun in experiencing alone. From trying new cuisines to exploring new places and experiencing new cultures. There is a certain peace in getting unplugged from the world and just being with the love of your life. As they say, you can know more about someone only when you travel with them and if you enjoy each other’s company while travelling, Congratulations, you have found your soul mate!

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