Tinder Hacks for your Ready-to-indulge love-life!

In a generation where your attractiveness is scaled from the rate to which you are swiped right or left or how often at that, it becomes stressful to live up to the pressure and finally be matched. No matter how nice one maybe, if your picture is not photogenic or good-looking enough, then chances are that you might stay the lonely unswiped account that you are right now. But, because we care about you so much,  we gathered a bunch of hacks that might give you a better go at finally being matched.


  • If your own photo does not make a person wait on your profile thus becoming the determining factor of your probable love life, ditch keeping a photo at all and instead set a quirky image with captions that best describe you and your sense of humour might set your boat sailing! Follow that up with your picture the expectations for which are not as high now. It’s all about getting into the head of the person and turning.
  • Your profile picture is a great deciding factor for someone to linger on your profile. Ideally selecting a brightly lit picture of you smiling, looking into the camera is the most attractive as per research.
  • After your profile picture, your bio decides whether the person would you’d like to linger on your profile. Make sure your bio is clever, interesting and funny!
  • Don’t waste time in His and Hellos and say something interesting, even better if funny. Gradually take the conversation elsewhere if you seem to have hit it off on the right note.
  • Tinder shows the Facebook pages you and the other person both like. So spending time liking a lot of pages on Facebook of shows, books, movies, music, companies, people, etc that you like makes a lot of sense. This might increase chances of meeting someone with similar interests.  
  • Ask out using the right words. Avoid using the word date” and use meeting up instead as it lightens the pressure on the whole idea of meeting for the first time. Also, asking out for drinks is the best first date idea ever. Or even coffee would do!
  • To show more of your personality and find someone with similar tastes and help the other person know your taste better, link your tinder account to your Spotify account.
  • And finally, girls, wait for him to message first!


Happy hunting!

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