Time to crush your crash diets

Are you among the ones who worry about the increasing waistline and your instant solution to that is not exercising but searching onto various websites for trending diets for an easy way out? Then welcome to the lazy ass club! Everything is good about these crash diets except the fact that it never works. We always fall into the trap of these attractive ‘lose it in 3 days’ slogans that we don’t realise those 3 days becoming 30 to never ending! So let’s have a look at those 4 diets that looks good only when read and has nothing to do with shedding your calories.

1. The Liquid Diet

As the name suggests, in liquid diet, you replace all your solid food with fruits or vegetable juices with almost the exact amount of calories. While it does give you quick results, but it may also end up making you extremely weak. In order to save the energy, the metabolism rate of your body slows down. So as easy as it sounds, in the long run, this diet is a complete no-no as there is no point in looking thin and dead together!

2. The Baby Food Diet

Trust me, I am not making this up, this is a popular diet in the west and is rumoured to be followed by our Rachel a.k.a Jennifer Aniston. So in this, one is supposed to replace their breakfast and lunch with 14 jars of baby food followed by a decent dinner. Now anyone could make out is that the nutrient value of the baby food is for babies which possibly couldn’t meet an adult’s food requirement. Hence the baby food diet miserably fails as one we end up eating more because of our grown up hunger.

3. The Blood-Type Die

As silly as it sounds, this diet makes you eat food that is suitable to your blood group which will help you cut a lot of carbs from your diet. There is no scientific explanation behind this and the count of people who have actually lost weight using this diet is zero. In a family, there will be people with different blood groups. So cooking according to different blood groups seems tedious. So basically, it’s like taking too much efforts with no guaranteed results.

4. The Air Diet

This is clearly the winner in our list and is probably something one should recommend to their enemies. Air diet allows you to take a spoonful of food and take it near your mouth, but not eat it. Yes, you heard it right. You can just take in a few of the tantalising aromas and pretend to eat it. The diet was made popular by ‘Dolce & Gabbana’ campaign, which featured Madonna and other celebrities holding food up to their mouths, but not eating it. It clearly doesn’t work in real life and while trying this, the person could either die of hunger or patience, may be!


There is no magic diet that will help you lose weight with no time and efforts. Crash diets never give a long term results and are supposed to be followed religiously on a daily basis. So, it’s high time that we stop becoming a victim of these fake following fad diets and think of switching to a healthy lifestyle instead.

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