Coming together of PS4, PC & Xbox One


\nGood news! Gamers! Its time to roll the dice and get ready with your consoles. It doesn’t get better than this. I quote, “It doesn’t get any better than this”. We suppose a lot of gamers were dreaming for this big day as software giants had hinted for years. We thought we would ever witness this day. Now that, it has arrived let us unveil the announcement and break the good news to you without any further delays. Microsoft has just taken a leap towards tech and announced cross network play. It’s a big feature which all gamers would understand how big it is. Dreaming? Don’t be as its happening for real. \n

\nThe reality is all platforms of all the consoles coming together making it an epic encounter. Through cross network play, we’ll see Xbox One, PS4 and PC players bundled up going against each other. We wonder what would it be like, as we’re already alarmed by the news. Developers who are building games for Xbox One and Windows 10 will be compatible but Sony and other users will  have to participate for games to be played across Xbox One and PS4. PS4 users please be co-operative and participate.Xbox_one_review_thumb \n
\nRocket League will be one of the first titles to support the new cross network play and Microsoft is giving an open invitation for other networks to participate well. It depends on other developers if they want to complete the circle and enable everyone regardless of platform preference or online network to play together.\n

\nThis is truly a wonderful direction towards gaming and its a dream come true for all the gamers. Leave LAN playing to grandparents and we hope developers take a stand start developing for cross network play. Let’s give it up for Microsoft! \n

\nPlease leave your comments below about what you feel about cross network playing among different platform. For more news and updates, Be Techy and stay tuned with us.

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