There’s an app for that- Live the itch!

-Lavina Mulchandani‘One day I will visit Ladakh, take a road trip with bum chums, jump off a plane, or learn a new language.’  If any of this sounds oddly familiar, it’s time to scratch the ‘itch’ or these goals off your ‘bucket list’, starting today.

Launched in April 2015, is an app that lets you do anything you want, hook you up with a buddy with a similar goal and mark a date to actually do the ‘crazy stuff’. “Life is too short and we often keep stuff that we really want to do for a later date,” says Smriti Modi, 29, founder of the app. “Plus, you never really get the time with the daily grind of our  9-to-5 jobs. I felt that the app The Itch List could let people bounce off ideas on what to put on their wish list and find support to do impossible things before it’s too late. The fact that so many people want to do similar activities makes it all very easy. ”Colaba-based graphic designer Angela John, 35, had always wished to do skydiving but never got a chance due to her hectic schedule and lukewarm will.

“I joined the website three months ago and met over 100 enthusiasts who shared my itch. The website gave me a list of these people and I chose five.  After I sent them buddy requests, we chatted for 2 months before we all met and did it together in Goa,” she says. “It was mad but fun for we didn’t know each other before this. Now we plan to go to Australia together.”

The website also holds meetups in many cities every year where everyone  discusses  itches and help each other scratch them sooner! What:, a website and an app that helps you scratch your itches within a realistic timeframeAddress: Free

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