The Ravishing Tapsee Pannu talks about gadgets that are her travel mates & more…

Did you guys ever know that this charming south beauty is a software engineer herself and had developed an app during her college days. Probably not. We got her to unveil all her tech secrets just for you. Last seen in the Bollywood flick “Baby”, Tapsee definitely misses her tech connect.Ex: Are you big on selfies?I believe no because I don’t think I have got the right angle yet. I feel, its really an art to take a selfie and I haven’t mastered that art.Ex: Whom do you follow more on twitter?I follow NDTV a lot, because they have different sections like their stock market, gadgets, news, sports news. It kind of keeps me updated without the hassle of reading the newspaper.Ex: How often do you read blogs?Whenever something new is launched, be it in any category, then I intend to go and read diva-2Ex: Do you prefer a laptop or a desktop?Anytime, a laptop.Ex: Which tech accessories do you carry without fail while travelling?My earphones without fail because I love to watch videos, which I come across online.Ex: What would you choose for photo surfing Instagram or Pinterest?Pinterest, because I don’t know how they manage to have some perfectly shot pictures which you probably wont get on Instagram.Ex: Which is your favorite phone?For the longest time, I have used Blackberry because I used to love the fact that it had a touch and keypad at the same time. Of late, I have shifted to my Iphone but I kind of miss my Blackberry.Ex: Which is your must have app?There are quite a few but I really like to use my Zomato and find my restaurants and Justdial because I am always looking out for something or the other where phone numbers are concerned.Ex: Any mobile games you play?I hate playing mobile games. It’s like using my battery unnecessarily. However on my Ipad, I love to play games like QuizUp.Ex: Would you choose a smartphone over a tablet?Yes surely, because of the size constraint and that’s the only reason for doing so.Ex: What do you think about selfie sticks and the Go-Pro camera?Selfie sticks are very embarrassing. I feel so embarrassed if I have to click myself using a selfie stick. It just feels very funny. On the other hand, I feel the Go-pro camera is very cool. I have used it during shoots and I really find it amazing.Ex: Tell us a moment, which makes you pull up your collar, and makes you feel like a pro among your friends with tech?I am a software engineer and I developed an app during my college days, which was the first of its kind. So, that’s good enough to make me feel happy.Ex: How many times do you Google in a day?Countless. Google should take me up as their brand ambassador.taapse_pannuEx: Which other books or magazines are on your reading list except exhibit?I am very bad with reading magazines. Its only if I come across with something lying around. Its because I am so much on my phone all the time, on my Ipad looking at whatever new is out. So, I am not really good with reading books.Ex: Any unusual apps that have a permanent seat on your smartphone?There is an app called Lumosity to which I am hooked on right now. It just helps to increase your IQ.Ex: Do you use any fitness apps?I don’t really go to the gym. I play squash or go for a swim. I don’t really use an app for that.Ex: What is your take on dating apps?I think they are very risky. I have never tried one. The idea is very scary. Hehe. Virtually to have a relationship with someone is not my cup of tea.Ex: Where do live stream music from?I do it from Soundcloud.Ex: Tell us something about Tapsee, we don’t know?The fact that I developed an app during my final year of engineering and I do know a few programming languages. I have lost touch with them now and I don’t even intend to go back to them. I miss studying all of that.

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