Tech-ila Shorts: Huawei P9 Launch, Fingerprint Scanner Hack and More

Huawei P9 Launch


Chinese multi-national Huawei has been on fire off late. It ‘s successful range of phones including the latest Nexus 6P, the flagship P8 and the Mate S (which was the first Android with a pressure sensitive display) have been raging the smartphone market. What’s next now? The P9 ofcourse! Evan Blass, the famed leaker, once again tweeted that the launch date will be 6 April. And just coincidentally, Huawei has been sending off invites for an event to be held on 6th of April in London. So it’s safe to presume it’s the P9 that’s being released on that day. Even the invite of the P9 has ‘#OO’ which may further confirm the possibility of a dual camera on the Huawei P9 which has been leaked previously. It’s expected to sport the in-house Kirin 950 soc and 4 GB of RAM with a fingerprint scanner on the back. On the software front it will run on EMUI based on Marshmallow. With an attractive body and cutting-edge specs the phone is sure to create a buzz when it launches.


Fool your phone’s fingerprint scanner with ink and paper?


When fingerprint scanners were launched on smartphones they were touted to be a very effective layer of security and almost impenetrable. It’s not that fingerprint sensors haven’t been hacked before but increasingly complex ways were required to get through it. Researchers at Michigan State University in the US have managed to break through the fingerprint scanners on Samsung & Huawei phones using only special ink and glossy paper! Yes, you heard it right! Pretty scary, isn’t it? According to reports the entire procedure took just 15 minutes! This could leave your smartphone’s data vulnerable if the hackers had a copy of your fingerprint. Surprisingly, the iPhone 5s couldn’t be breached using the same method. The entire idea of this research was to raise the awareness of vulnerability of fingerprint authentication and encourage companies to take preventive steps to avoid such attacks. You can have a look at the video demonstrating the hack here –


OnePlus spends $300,000 for appearance in House of Cards


oneplus-logo-B6703954CF-seeklogo.com_OnePlus, as we all know, is known for its shoestring budget when it comes to marketing of its products. The devices it launched were made known through word-of-mouth and social media publicity. But in a shocker, the company revealed the amount it paid for placement of its phones in House Of Cards, a Netflix show, on its official Weibo account. They paid a hefty price of $300,000 to get its phone featured on the show. It’s quite common for established brands like Samsung, Apple & Microsoft to get their phones into movies & TV. And since OnePlus is trying to crack the markets around the world (especially US), it very well makes sense to invest money in product placement as these shows have universal appeal.


Zebronics VR


Zebronics-ZEB-VR-The era of virtual reality is around the corner and all companies are trying to jump on the bandwagon to claim a share of this upcoming market. Zebtronics is the latest one to offer a VR headset in India. Just recently Zebtronics announced its ZEB-VR for the Indian markets at an attractive price of Rs.1600. For just the price, it appears to be an attractive model for starts who want to get introduced to the world of virtual reality. The VR headset will work with almost any smartphone and requires an app in order to work with the device. The smartphone mount in the headset is soft cushioned with magnetic lock for the adjustable front cover, which ensures that your phone is aligned well with lenses. They also feature a pair of lenses with interpupillary distance and focus adjustment based on the phone display size which will ensure comfortability. If you’re interested, the VR is exclusively available on Snapdeal in a combination of black and blue.

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