Tech gifts to awe on Woman’s Day

Women’s day is right around the corner and it brings in a lot of expectations from the alpha to awe his woman on women’s day. There is a saying “Behind every successful man is a woman” and behind every woman’s happiness lies in her men gifting her by appreciating her for whatever she has done for him. Make no mistake when I mean woman, it could refer to any woman in your life from your Girl Friend to your Wife or you Daughter for an instance. It could also include a Mother or a friend. After all, they’re all the same woman just being categorized into Mothers, Daughters, Friends or Sisters. We’re here to help you out to make that woman feel special. All you need to do give her one of these gifts and just look at her expression and don’t you think they deserve it, after what they have done for us. These gifts stands in no comparison to all the sacrifices and efforts they have put in for us. It’s just a way to tell her how special you’re and what you mean.\n

\nThe pickings were based to show your love and concern towards her so we’ve put in our picks and efforts to choose the best out of them.\n

\nApple Iphone 6S:\n

\napple-iphone-6sApple Iphone 6S does top the list for gifting your women. The Rose Gold color is simply the perfect color to give on Women’s day. It is definitely a chic color and one of the most desirable smart phones. It has all the smart features like 3D touch and when it’s desirable why not give it to a woman who you desire and love the most as well?\n
\nPrice : INR starting from 42,000 and depends on the storage variant\n

\nStelle Audio Mini Clutch Wireless :\n

\nThis is according to us is one of the standout gifts, let it be any women in that case. This is a clutch as well as a speaker. It pairs with any Bluetooth device, comes with a mirror and a pocket inside so she can groom herself. It is also a Power bank as it can charge any USB enabled device. Stelle Audio is one small audio system featuring all the features a woman would need on the go.\n
\nPrice : INR starting from 7,000.\n

\nMoto 360 2 Female edition :\n

\nmoto-360-7-735x490This wireless female edition of Moto 360 2nd generation is expressing your love and concern towards understanding her needs of being a businesswoman. This wearable gear doesn’t only notify her of her phone emails, calls and texts but it also keep her fit. There is no perfect way of showing your love through the Wearable Gear. Beauty on the her wrist and stylish to show off and handy to wear when the phone is in her purse or pocket.\n
\nPrice : INR starting from 19,999\n

\nFitbit Gear\n


\nThe fitbit doesn’t scream out to your woman stating cut down your pounds. It implies showing your love by helping her to stay fit by not working out and waking her up in the mornings. Ideal gift to give back when she shows how much she cares for you. There is no better gift, then the Fitbit Gear to show how much her sleep and fitness means to you.\n
\nPrice : INR starting from 6,999.\n

\nJaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones\n

\nen-INTL-L-Jaybird-Gear-X2-Charge-DCF-00314-RM2-mncoThe Jaybird X2 is an amazing gift to a woman who loves her music. The issue is wire or when it gets entangled. This Wireless Headphones could help her to also listen to music while she is working out. No more worrying about tangled wires or how to listen to music while working out. Truly a gift which shows what her passion towards music and her other hobbies mean to you.\n

\nWe’ve taken a best pick to flabbergast your woman and show her what it means to have a woman like you in our lives.

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