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Taapsee Pannu Exhibit Magazine 02Leaping forward moment by moment and Tan Tanaing her way to the top, the Diva returns to add her exclusive charm on the Exhibit cover once again. While at that, we revelled in a lot of nostalgia – catching her between shots as she touched her makeup and she bowling us over with her bold aura. But like she said, February wasn’t too far away when we shot her first. So we wonder has anything changed at all? Well, by the looks of it, it was long enough for Taapsee to become absolutely fit, do multiple films, have a big release under her belt that I’m sure you all know about and mark her “here to stay” spot in Bollywood, too. The last time was an intense conversation about Bollywood, Taapsee as an individual and her strong tech game. So this time, we decided to ask her a bunch of strange questions. But the undaunted Taapsee answered like a Queen and we expected nothing less from this intelligent actress who has been ever so smart in her film choices just like the Hyundai Verna she poses with that’s equally intelligent in design and style. We took a little tour inside Taapsee’s mind, and it was more entertaining than the Netflix show you’re going to watch today.

Exhibit: Who is your fashion role model and why?
TaapseeIt has always been Kate Middleton. I’ve always seen her as a fashion inspiration.

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Exhibit: What’s your go-to Fashion trend?
TaapseeActually I don’t follow trends; it’s more like what you are comfortable in or what you can carry with confidence or with which you can make your own style statement. I don’t keep track of trends actually, my stylist does it for me. I’m very bad at keeping up-to-date with what is going on in the Fashion world right now.

Exhibit: What is the best learning you have had as an actress?
TaapseeJust forget that there is a camera. A lot of times people act for the camera, I used to do that too. The moment you forget that there is a camera, you’ll become a better actor.

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