Swati Bhargava


"Be Persistent!"


EX: Biggest milestone in your life.
HIM: The most significant milestone of our journey is when Mr. Ratan Tata, Former Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons, invested in CashKaro, giving us a stamp of credibility and making us the strongest player in the cashback space.

EX: Book(s) that have influenced your life.
HIM: ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne – It has given me a path to my dreams by teaching me to visualize what I want in life.

EX: An unusual app on your smartphone.
HIM: ‘Todoist’ – It helps me manage tasks and projects thereby empowering me to accomplish more in less time.

EXThe next product on your tech-wishlist.
HIM: I try to keep my life really minimalistic in terms of gadgets, so I don’t really have a tech-wishlist.

EX: 3 habits you think are most important in order to be an effective leader.
HIM: 1. Take time for yourself. Don’t rush into the day. Take a few minutes to sit quietly and gather your thoughts.
2. Take the ‘Big Rock’ Approach – Always make time for the projects and activities that are most likely to move your business forward. Block time for the big things on your calendar so that time isn’t eaten away by the small things.
3. End each day with a plan for tomorrow.

EXYour ideas and views on sustainable technology
HIM: Technology can make work much simpler. So we shouldn’t let technologies baffle us. Instead, we must work in synergy with them because I am sure we will be thankful for them later. The right technology is the one that lets you simplify your work and make you more efficient. It is essential to strategize and not invest in technology in a haphazard manner. Examine each aspect of the technology you wish to take on-board before you actually invest in it. Once you have a clear idea about its working and effect on your business, then you can go ahead and adopt it.