Sussanne Khan & Sarah Todd Launch ‘Rhapsodie’ – An Exquisite Collection By Zoya

The celebrated interior designer Sussane Khan and master chef Sarah Todd had recently collaborated with the jewellery brand Zoya from the house of Tata. So we have got Sussane Khan in conversation with Exhibit magazine about this new collection.

EX: Tell us about the inspiration behind the collection.
Sussane Khan: ZOYA’s new collection called Rhapsodie was launched recently. It is an exquisitely crafted, artistic collection characterized by delicate fluid designs and beautiful, rare stones. It is a very fluid and organic collection, an abstract interpretation of gourmet techniques such as dipping, brushing, layering, scaling, wrap and roll, pinch and fold.  I like that it has a very summery vibe. The design and colours of the stones make it very versatile and wearable, perfect for brunches and casual outings. 

EX: How did the collaboration happen with you, Sarah and Zoya?
Sussane Khan: We are both into creative fields. We both have the will and the power to create. Sarah is creating in her department of gourmet food and I am doing it in interior designing. Zoya’s collection is high on design value and is inspired by gourmet techniques so the association fits perfectly. Zoya as a brand is also very forward-thinking and they wanted to create a collection that was more 2020, more for the new age, more for entrepreneurial women. They wanted to celebrate a product that is very special and I think that’s why the association came across.

EX: What is your favourite piece from this collection?
Sussane Khan: I love this bracelet I am wearing. It has a beautiful fluid and organic form. The stone is a rutilated quartz with needle-like inclusions that make it look s like a blob of honey with saffron tendrils. The beauty is that it is so transparent and clean and the way metal comes and holds the diamonds, is very beautiful. Also, I chose this ring I am wearing, with an amethyst … I think they go together well and because it’s such a neutral colour, it could be worn in the day or night.

EX: What is luxury for you?
Sussane Khan: For me, luxury is something that doesn’t scream out for attention. I think you can use the brightest colours, you can use the bling but it should have a feeling of calmness and a feeling of harmony. So, for me, luxury means that and I try to achieve it with everything that I do.

EX: What are your favourites when it comes to jewellery?
Sussane Khan: I love emeralds and stones with strong colour,  that is how I like to accessorise. My favourite pieces of jewellery though are those which hold meaning for me – like a chain with a pendant in which I have my children’s photos or an evil eye bracelet it doesn’t have to be from a brand or cost a lot of money, but it must have meaning.

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