SHAHID KAPOOR, from his vantage point

God only knows the cacophony that arose at Ex headquarters when we roped in the handsome Shahid Kapoor to be the face of our first ever AR cover that allows fans to take a picture with the Shaandaar Shahid in the virtual world if not in the real world. And honestly, which techier actor other than this ‘to-be Royalty’ who speaks of tech with grit and chills in his automated home like a boss?

For someone who harvested the Bollywood dream long before fantasy met reality, Shahid Kapoor has done outstandingly well for himself. When he started out right at the threshold of adulthood as he mentions, Shahid Kapoor was all things inexperienced and unaware. His heart-winning debut as the dreamy, lover boy in Ishq Vishq led to a series of roles; some hits and some misses, but one truth sustained – he is unimaginably loved and charming to the extent that we can’t handle. Then came a turning point with Kaminey that signified that SK (like he is fondly called by his team) holds serious grounds as an actor. Over a career spanning 15 years and many movies in his repertoire, Shahid Kapoor emerges an unabandoned conqueror who, despite a few misses and longpending recognition, proves that he is in the B-game for the long haul. We shoot with him right when he is knee-deep immersed into Padmavati, a movie he says was tiring but inspiring all at the same time, and his passion for his craft is starkly visible (or rather audible as I take him through my many questions over a hurried yet inexplicably entertaining telephonic interview).

In a free-flowing interview with the gentleman that he is, I discovered certain facts and facets- righting his wrongs and leaping through milestones, the doting father (yes, his fatherly love comes right through the phone too, n’importe quoi), Shahid Kapoor, is truly at a Vantage point and life looks good he points out. […]


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