Safety Apps for Women On Windows Store

Women Safety has become one of the most debated topics across Indian towns and cities. Given the growing crime rate and certain recent incidents, there has been a demand for stricter safety measures to ensure women safety at all times.\n\nWhile the relevant authorities bolster the safety mechanism, there are certain things that individuals can do to ensure their own personal safety. And the use of smartphones and the right apps is among the most easily accessible solutions of notifying one’s friends and family in the time of distress.\n\nHere are some of theWindows applications that one can download on smartphones.\n\n

\n\nWomen Safe Circle :\n\n128481
\nWomen safe circle
helps one stay safe and connected with near and dear ones at the click of a button. This app sends an alert as a SMS or distress text message to the configured contact group, seeking help and indicating the user’s location through the Global Positioning System (GPS).\n\n


FightBack :


Fightback is a great application to ensure woman safety since it works across a large range of devices including even feature phones. It uses GPS, GPRS, SMS, emails and even Facebook to inform one’s friends that they need help. It has a ‘panic’ button which when pressed gets the portal page to send a Facebook update showing the distressed individual’s location on Google Maps. It will also send SOS emergency text messages to the individual’s loved ones.


\n\nSafetipin :\n\nunnamed (1)
\nThis app is really handy when one’s travelling to a new or an unknown locality. Safetipin allows the user to know the safety levels of a place. The app provides the user with a safety score, comments as well as pictures. This app proves really helpful when one’s going to a city/place that he/she no idea about and prepares one to take the necessary precautions as well.\n\n \n\n

\n\n \n

unnamed (2)Eyewatch Police :


Eyewatch police app is an easy-to-use version of the mobile phone app that allows citizens to seek help in real time. The app offers smartphone based surveillance designed to help those, especially women, in trouble. Once the app is downloaded and installed on a smart phone, the user in distress can send an SOS to the Police control room by pressing the designated button. The police can also access the video of the user’s location using his/her phone camera.


\n\nGuardian :\n\napps.9579.9007199266243928.ada3443f-7549-4833-9d5d-8f21c428a2d0
\nAnother safety app by Windows is the Guardian app which also allows users to track their devices remotely. This made-for-India, app is a highly advanced security app that ensures security for Women and security groups simultaneously. It is faster since it combines tracking by both the parties and provides directions on your phone to local agencies such as police, hospitals and more. In addition to this the regular SMS alerts, Guardian will ensure relevant reporting for the app to the maximum extent acting as a Guardian for Women.

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