Sachin & Jigar, Music Sensation of the month

Sachin Sanghvi and Jigar Sariya have been taking Bollywood by storm with their compositions. They grabbed attention with the freshness of Saibo – Shor in the City. Their most recent releases that have consolidated them as musicians to look forward to are Simran, A Gentleman, Bhoomi and Haseena Parkar. In a recent interview, they spoke about the current scene of music in Bollywood and a lot of tech trivia, obviously!


Technology has made it very convenient and accessible for everybody to go ahead and do what they want to or just put their ideas together so they can present it to someone. 


Exhibit: What is your style of music?
SACHIN & JIGAR: We don’t believe in typecasts. Our music is quite universal in that sense, genres are meant for those who like to limit their creativity. Experimentation is key and Bollywood demands way too much than one particular style. In the end it all depends on the requirement of the script of the film and we just blend in. If there is any style we could relate with it will be pop.

Exhibit: Your thoughts on Social Media, Music Promotion, and Digital Streaming.
S & J: Social media is directly proportionate to the success of every song. But social media needs to be organic to create mass awareness and not paid followers and likes. Music streaming services are actually acting as the knight in shining armour for the music industry as they have helped gain some lost ground by moving consumers towards legit music and contributing to music industry revenues.

This new phase of music consumption is just what music fans who are sick of one-hit wonders and flashy pop hits need. By paying out only when people actually listen instead of suckering fans into buying something only to leave it on the shelf, Spotify, MOG, Rdio, Rhapsody, and other on-demand unlimited music services build an incentive into the music business to create works of lasting value.

With proliferation of smart devices and internet penetration, the digital and online consumption is steadily increasing and India, today, has the second largest internet user base in the world. Digital economy with focus on CRBT, music and video streaming subscription and download revenues will continue to act as the driver of the music economy in the future followed closely by sync and performance revenues. The real task at hand for the Indian music industry is how to curb piracy, grow the revenue pie and set a real goal of a billion dollar in annual revenues for the entire music industry that we can achieve in next five years.

Exhibit: Describe Sachin-Jigar’s relationship with technology?
S & J: We both love technology and technology is helping us to update the quality of our music. It has become little more convenient because one can today record songs out of your backyard and you don’t need to own a recording studio.

This, in fact, is very helpful for upcoming artists who don’t have a big budget as they don’t have to compromise on quality because technology has made it very convenient and accessible for everybody to go ahead and do what they want to or just put their ideas together so they can present it to someone.

Exhibit: Who is your inspiration in the Music field?
Jigar: For me it’s John Mayer all the way. I love the soul in his music, his lyrics, his style of singing and playing instruments. He is someone I can look upto when inspiration is concerned. Also we draw inspiration from people, experiences and life in general. Music exists in every iota of the universe you just need to have a keen intent to recognise it. A major musical influence was AR Rahman Sir . His music was life-changing for so many youngsters like us — we had never been exposed to the kind of soundscapes and arrangement that he brought to the fore.
Sachin: We owe our success to Pritam sir and will continue to owe to several other mentors like Neeraj Shridhar, Vishal Shekhar, Shankar Mahadevan. These have all been very encouraging and have lent us a helping hand when we needed guidance. Pritam sir is a visionary and someday we will like to return the favour because he technically launched us in this industry at a time when others thought we would never make it.

Exhibit: What do you do when you’re not dubbing or doing a gig? When we are not dubbing or doing a gig we like to spend time with our families and friends.
I have a little one at home, so he keeps me occupied and I usually like to play on my playstation, listen to some new music or just go out driving.
Sachin: I like to catch up on listening to all the new music and reading too.

Exhibit: Recently, a lot of actors have been trying their luck in singing. What are your thoughts on that?
S & J: It’s a very important and debatable subject but we feel if the actor is a trained singer and if they have the voice then why not, they must sing because in any field when you have all- rounders it is always beneficial. If the actor can deliver it only widens the director’s vision to make films which can be real, where actors can sing on the set and it is always good when an actor is able to act and sing as well but if you can’t sing then you should not force it. Also, it adds greatly to the publicity of the film since every actor has a strong following. A lot of musicians and composers feel it is disrespectful to their art but we feel it only garners more eyeballs as there is no competition really and an actor can never eat into a musicians revenues.

Exhibit: One thing you’d like to change in the current music scene?
S & J: We feel we are no authority to comment on this. If we had an option we would like to change the theory of recreating old songs because we don’t know how good an idea is it. I am sure it helps a lot in marketing process of the song but it means there is lack of experimentation and creativity.

Exhibit: Are you a social networking addict? How many times in a day do you check updates?
S & J:
Not really social media addicts but notifications keep popping up for some song or the other so we like to see audience response and respond to our fans because they are the reason why we are here and we try to implement their suggestions. We are on social media only to connect with our fans.

Exhibit: If given a chance to invent a gadget, what would that be?
S & J: If given a chance we would like to invent one instrument which serves as an all-rounder. Like one gadget that has a sound card, is a computer with an in- built hardisk and good quality speakers. As music producers we would be really keen on inventing something like this and it should be wireless so we could carry it with us all the time.

If given a chance we would like to invent one instrument which serves as an all-rounder. Like one gadget that has a sound card, is a computer with an inbuilt hardisk and good quality speakers. 


Exhibit: If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?
If I wasn’t in the music business, then I would love to become a radio jockey as I love to interact with new people and debate on various topics.
Sachin: If I wasn’t doing music I wouldn’t be doing anything else but i feel i would love to become a CA as my dad is also a CA.

Exhibit: You are super busy with your gigs, tell me any recent experience of any show you loved doing?
S & J: It is always a special feeling performing in front of your fans. Recently, we were performing in Ahmedabad for a college event and it was really good fun as the crowd just took over the gig and started singing with us. At that point of time, we felt we were the audience and they were performing for us. Ahmedabad always showers us with great warmth. Kangana Ranaut’s latest movie- Simran is what everyone is talking about. The film’s music is being appreciated. My personal favorites are Meet and Single Rehne De.

Exhibit: Tell us about the journey of Simran?
S & J:
Simran is one of the most emotional and meaningful films we have done so far. The whole music making process have to be handled very skillfully. Its always fun to do songs with catchy lines like Single Rehne De and Lagdi Hai Thaai but on the other hand there are songs like Meet, Baras Jaa and Pinjra. I feel Pinjra is one of the best tunes that we have made so far. Simran has been a terrific journey for us as Hansal Mehta believed in us and gave us the freedom to try something new and that is very important for a music director that the director believes in you and allows you to do what you feel is right for the film.

Exhibit: Enlighten us on your upcoming movies and what can we expect next on the cards?
S & J: We are working on some independent music, soon you will be able to hear some independent music from us. Apart from that we have John Abraham’s next Parmanu. Parmanu is a very sensitive script and regarding the music we are purely following the director’s vision.


  • Car you drive :
    Jigar –
    BMW GT
    Sachin – BMW Z4
  • Instruments you play :
    Jigar –
    Jack of all master of none
    Sachin – Piano & Melodica
  • One favorite track :
    Jigar –
    Gravity by John Mayer
    Sachin – Sky full of stars – Coldplay
  • Most unique tech gadget:
    Jigar –
    Zoom Arch
    Sachin – Avalon compressors
  • Most useful tech gadget:
    Jigar –
    Our computer
    Sachin – SSL X logic
  • Best piece of advice given to you:
    Jigar –
    Never give up
    Sachin – Do what you feel is right at that moment
  • One song on loop:
    Jigar –
    Born and raised by John Mayer
    Sachin – Hymn of the weekend
  • Favorite app for Musicians:
    Jigar –
    iMaschine 2
    Sachin – Saavn
  • Any regrets:
    Jigar –
    Sachin – Not at all
  • Beach or Mountains:
    Jigar –
    Mountains with snow
    Sachin – Beach
  • Phone you’re using currently:
    Jigar –
    iPhone 7 Plus
    Sachin – iPhone 7 Plus
  • Among your contemporaries, you admire:
    Jigar –
    Amit Trivedi
    Sachin- A R Rahman

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