Being the daughter of the legendary Shiv Nadar bring in its own sets of challenges, but Roshni Nadar is so much more than just that. Here are 9 reasons that make her nothing short of a Superwoman\n\nI) Has an Undergraduate degree from Northwestern University from where she majored in Communication with a focus on Radio, TV and Film. Taking this ahead, she worked with Sky News U.K. and CNN America as a News Producer.Post her stint in the Media Industry, she spent time learning the tricks of the trade at HCL.\n\nII) Later, this was laced with an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management where the focus of her studies was on Social Enterprise and Management & Strategy. Here, she was at the receiving end of the Dean’s Distinguished Service Award.\n\nIII) At HCL, she is the ˜Plan Man’ and looks after the transactions and important decisions pertaining to the overall direction of the Corporation.\n\nIV) Philanthropic, she is also a trustee at her Father, Shiv Nadar’s brainchild – Shiv Nadar Foundation, which is among the top private engineering and business schools in India. Roshni is actively involved in setting benchmarks in academics and extra-curricular development.\n\nV) In addition, she is the backbone of the Vidya Gyan schools in UP. An initiative to provide free, quality education to rural children from economically backward backgrounds, it covers close to 75 districts.\n\nVI) She joined forces with the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation to promote education of Dalit and Muslim girls in UP.\n\nVII) While she works really hard, unwinding is done in some style, too! Thus, travelling, yoga and indulging in sports events is how she maintains the work-play balance.\n\nVIII) She is a trained classical musician! Now that’s something…\n\nIX) While ensuring that she plays her part well in all facets of her life, she is also a devoted Wife and Mother and leaves no stone unturned in acing that, too.

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