Ritu Mehrotra

Country Manager – India, Srilanka & Maldives,

"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become."


EX: Biggest milestone in your life.
HIM: Conquering cancer.

EX: Book(s) that have influenced your life.
HIM: ‘The subtle art of not giving a Fu*k’.

EX: An unusual app on your smartphone.
HIM: ‘Livegreen’ – this app tracks and reduces emissions level.

EXThe next product on your tech-wishlist.
HIM: Can’t wait for Tesla’s India launch.

EX: 3 habits you think are most important in order to be an effective leader.
HIM: 1.Take action even when it’s scary – shatter the status quo. Personal and creative growth cannot manifest from comfort.
2. Ask questions and listen – leadership is not all about using your voice and being heard; listening to those around you is just as important.
3. Treat people the way you like to be treated.

EX: The best tech innovation according to you.
HIM: The sharing economy. What it means is when goods and services are not owned by a single user, but rather only temporarily accessed by members of a network and underutilized assets are shared. It opens doors for people who could not have imagined to buy these products yet experience it now.

EXYour ideas and views on sustainable technology
HIM: Addressing climate change while promoting economic growth requires the large-scale deployment of technologies across key sectors such as power generation, transport, energy & tourism. At & personally, I take sustainability very seriously. One of the initiatives we run is booking booster. Through our Booking Booster Programme, we identify and empower scale-ups that help relieve pressure on overcrowded tourist areas, businesses that positively impact the environment and social ventures that are supporting local communities in the tourism industry.