Reshma Saujani


A woman with her heart in the right place, Reshma Saujani is the founder and CEO of an organization like no other Girls Who Code. If you haven’t heard about this dynamic personality, then here are 9 things that will surely get to know her a lot better.\n\nI) Reshma Saujani is the former Deputy Public Advocate of New York City and the founder of Girls Who Code, an organization whose mission is to educate, inspire and equip underserved girls ages 13-18 with the skills and resources necessary to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math.\n\nII) Reshma’s goal is to teach one million girls to code by the year 2020.\n\nIII) Girls Who Code has become a bigger movement than Saujani ever intended. Powerful women in tech, such as eBay CMO Richelle Parham helped her create awareness for it and raise money to fund it.\n\nIV) As Executive Director of the Fund for Public Advocacy, Reshma brought together public and private sectors to encourage entrepreneurship and civic engagement across NYC.\n\nV) In 2010, Reshma became the first South Asian woman to run for Congress, promoting smarter policies to spur innovation and job creation.\n\nVI) Advocating for a new model of female leadership focused on risk-taking, competition and mentorship, Reshma is also the author of a new book entitled, Women Who Don’t Wait in Line, released in October 2013 by Amazon Publishing.\n\nVII) Saujani grew up in Chicago as the daughter of refugee parents who fled Uganda in 1973 to escape its dictator, Idi Amin.\n\nVIII) Before moving to a career in Public Service, she was also involved with Wall Street through an investment firm named Carret Asset Management.\n\nIX) As Saujani tells it, her decision to leave Wall Street and corporate America to run for political office was inspired by Hilary Clinton’s concession speech in 2008 when she lost the Democratic presidential primary to Barack Obama.

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