Rent a Boy|Friend – An App Made to Cure Depression. Yup.

                Rent a Boy|friend; because one will do anything for the sake of innovation.


Yep, you read it right, and yes there is a line dividing the boy and friend. This is a newly developed app, which was released on Google Play on 23 August, has been downloaded at least 100,000 times since then, but has a surprising 3.0 rating.

Their excuse to create this shockingly weird app? “We initiated RABF (RENT A BOY|FRIEND) to create awareness about mental disturbances in people’s daily lives. RABF believes in ‘GIVE LIFE 1 CHANCE’” says the description of the app.









To give you a rough picture of this, basically they go to the app and hire a boyfriend, there’s a space in between, each of them will have a different charge and will be a “pure gentleman and take care of the lady and take care of her safety (??)”.

Creeped out a little yet? Wait, there’s more, “They will be trained and groomed by professionals to help them and regain their confidence and make them realize that life is worth living”

I’m sorry, are we the only people finding this a little odd?









First of all, let’s address the main issue here, why is it Rent a Boy|friend and not just a ‘friend’? Why is it implied that only girls need the help to deal with depression?

Which brings us to our next point, what happened to the good old psychologist and psychiatrists to help people through depression? To be honest, they too haven’t been accepted in the Indian society yet and are constantly referred to as ‘shrinks’, so what makes them think that this will not be looked down upon.

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The fact is that mental health is, in fact, not considered as an illness and the people going through it are actually considered to be ‘cuckoo’.

I mean I get their intentions were in the right place, but does a depressed woman need some random men telling her that she will be okay and that she should get help? Feminism FTW.

Also, how the hell will men help with our mental health when all they do is cause multiple breakdowns.

A fun-er idea: Make girls rent girlfriends, because who will understand us better than our homies, am I right???







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