Reliance Jio aims at being the most affordable 4G Service in India

4G finally struck India with lightning internet speed. With Airtel stating, no other service provider can provide internet at a faster speed than us pushing Vodafone and other service providers to launch 4G as soon as possible. With tech blooming and going at the speed of light, internet speeds couldn’t take a drop. Users are looking for everything to be provided on the go without any interruptions and walk around anywhere and everywhere viewing content without any hassles.All-Set-For-Reliance-Jio-4G-Launch64G speeds are at sky rocket pricing. The faster it gets, the prices are expected to hike too. Everyone wants to use faster internet. What worries everyone is the pricing factor. Whether or not, it will give us the internet speed that has been promised to us in the most alienated areas bothers us. Eyes were on Reliance to step up their game and launch 4G at affordable prices. They did just the same by being on top of their game, by launching a project known as Reliance Jio, which is anticipated to provide SIM cards for as low as Rs. 200 featuring 4500 minutes and 75GB Data for seamless internet at lightning speed for 3 months. The tariffs post the three months offer is yet to be known. It isn’t unveiled to us, whether it is for a standalone device or a Lyf handset solely. Sooner or later, stores in Mumbai will be unveiled with Jio’s 4G connections and we are eagerly looking forward for that day.

Master jio logo-ver-CMYKMukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance Industries, states in his speech that the net speed will be 80 times faster than rivals and at a cheap price which can’t be matched by other service providers. This news doesn’t come to us a shocker, but will surely get your eye balls popped out or glued to what you are viewing the news on. Aren’t we waiting for Jio’s launch now? Maybe now everyone can use 4G at an affordable price. For more news or rumours on the project, stay tuned to TheTechy.

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