RAYA – The secrete celebrity dating App

We would generally sigh if you haven’t heard about a popular trend. But, not this time. For those of you who haven’t heard about RAYA the dating app, we have two things to say- 1) It’s meant to be a secret app so in a way, whatever it is that they’re doing, is working 2) You’d rather not know about it if you aren’t cool, good-looking, famous, have famous friends, or an interesting/creative job.

What’s RAYA?

If you think that was a little too straightforward (rude), then trust me, it isn’t us but the app. RAYA, known as the celebrity dating app, is a private, membership-based dating community that is open to a very selective audience. RAYA was launched in March 2015 by social elite Jesse Johnson as an IOS application with the aim to allow people to show off more of their personality than the average dating app.


Because Everyone Needs Somebody To Love.

Who’s on RAYA?

Rumour has it that a bunch of celebrities are, or at some point, were on this dating app and if the sources are to be believed, the repertoire isn’t bad at all! Names like John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Cara Delevingne, Chelsea Handler, Zedd, Avicii, Ruby Rose, Diplo, Alexander Wang, Cody Simpson, Flume, Matthew Perry, John Cusack, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Elijah Wood, Raven, Phoebe Dahl, Zach Braff, Bonnie Wright, Samantha Ronson, Trevor Noah, Kelly Osborne, Amy Schumer are said to be or have been on RAYA. In addition to a bunch of celebrities, you can also find people from creative industries on it. Top advertising executives, DJs, singers and anyone who is in a creative field of work is on this, as RAYA likes to bill itself, exclusive dating app.

How to get on the app?

In order to be on RAYA, one needs to fill out an application which would then be filtered. “Aspiring applicants” need to fit the bill. Not that Raya has a specific set of qualifications for its applications, but it ratifies your identity via your Instagram account – a social network it believes to be “the most expressive and creative”. Higher the number of followers, higher is your chance of getting in. The selection algorithm, however, remains a mystery as many community members with small Instagram followings claim admittance. In addition to that, would be members also need to be referred by another current member in good standing. This application is then reviewed by an anonymous committee made up of “people from various backgrounds, geographies, and creative industries”. Once your application goes through, you wait until you get a message stating your confirmation or rejection. In addition to its initial purpose of helping people collaborate romantically, RAYA introduced a new feature titled “Work” in 2017 to enable members to collaborate on work related projects. To stay on the app, members need to abide by a subscription model that is either £5.99 for a one month membership or £22.99 for a six month membership.

How does it work?

Once you’re on the app, you can create a profile that’s essentially a slideshow linked to your Instagram and camera roll. You can also connect your favourite songs to the images to create personal “stories”.


RAYA is stern about its privacy policies which is an understandable requirement if it wishes to remain an exclusive app. So, if you take a screenshot of someone’s profile, you get a warning or rather a threat that you’d be denied access to the app if the picture is shared online. Similarly, it does not entertain disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour on the app. Careful curation, thus, allows the app to maintain its secrecy.

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