Rashmi Sinha


The Indian-American entrepreneur and creator/CEO of Slideshare is a rather unique woman. She was destined for a career in academia, but after falling in love with the web she had a change of heart. Here are 9 things to enable you to know her better.\n\n# Rashmi has a PhD in Cognitive Neuro Psychology from Brown University in 1998.\n\n# After moving to UC Berkeley for a Post Doc, she fell in love with the web, and realized that many issues that web technologists think about are problems of human psychology.\n\n# Her first foray into products was with MindCanvas (a game-like software for customer research) released in November 2005.\n\n# In 2006, Sinha left academia and launched SlideShare with her husband, Jon Boutelle, a software engineer, and her older brother, Amit Ranjan, a mechanical engineer.\n\n# Since then, SlideShare, a site that lets people share Power Point presentations online, has become one of the most popular conference tools, attracting 50 million monthly users.\n\n# She is a fan of rapid software development”and rapid meetings. During the day, she leads the San Francisco team in designing new features. In the evenings, she is on Skype, chatting with the rest of the employees in India.>At Slide- Share, she focuses on design, community and business. The best way to reach her, she says, is to send her a slidespace!\n\n# Rashmi blogs about the social web at www.rashmisinha. com. She speaks frequently at conferences like FOWA, SXSW & WebVisions.\n\n# For her next career, she wants to write a book about strange things people do on social websites.

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