Rajan Anandan

Leading the operations of the tech giant in India, is Rajan Anandan, an industry veteran with plenty of work experience behind him. Here are 9 things that even google search cant tell you about him literally !\n\nI.I invest only in technology companies in India and I especially look for interesting software and mobile companies. I do not invest outside of technology companies in India.\n\nII. While investing, he looks for interesting ideas in technology that can create impact and the second most important thing is team.\n\nIII. Rajan feels founders of technology startups should have strong understanding of technology. Outsourcing is always a bad idea.\n\nIV. He believes two co-founders is always better than one founder. Startups are about too many ups and downs, and having partners helps. Also, having co-founders with complementary skill sets is very very important.\n\nV. I believe in India we will have a large number of niche businesses that are being built frugally and would be highly successful.\n\nVI. According to Anandan, a successful entrepreneur is a unique combination of product and engineering. Someone who has an ability to be agile and exceptionally fast.\n\nVII. Anandan believes that the most important thing is to do something that you are very passionate about. You will always overcome all barriers with passion.\n\nVIII. He believes in the 10,000 hour rule. Consistency and working hard over a long period of time is very important.\n\nIX. Also, Rajan believes being self-critical along the way is very important.\n\n” I invest only in technology companies in India and I especially look for interesting software and mobile companies. I do not invest outside of technology companies in India. “\n

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