RAHUL VAIDYA – Music Sensation of the month

Rahul Vaidya has definitely come a long way from being a reality show singer to ruling the showbiz and becoming a Playback Singer. Recently, he released a single, Do Chaar Din which was a hit and got a lot of positive response from the audience. He is now ready to release his latest single, Keh Do Na which happens to be his favorite among others. We recently had a chat with him, where he revealed his preferences in music, his thoughts on digital promotion and a lot more tech trivia, obviously!

Exhibit: What is your style of Music?
Rahul VaidyaThe style of music that I prefer actually is something which touches the heart and makes you think about someone.

Exhibit: Your thoughts on Social Media, Music Promotion, and Digital Streaming.
RahulI think it’s a great new age pool and we are extremely lucky to have been born in the era of social media and digital content. So, we don’t have to basically rely on people. In today’s time, anyone can become a star. The difference between the audience and the artist has actually finished. The promotion has become really easy.If you got the talent and potential, then you’ll be picked up and seen. Anyone today, can just record something and upload it on YouTube. I am also glad that finally content is the one which is getting benefitted the most as it was always supposed to be.

Exhibit: Describe Rahul Vaidya’s relationship with technology?
RahulHonestly, I am not very tech savvy although I like knowing about new gadgets. I like owning gadgets but I don’t like using them. Someone has gifted me a Play Station; I’ve never played on it. Someone has gifted me a FitBit watch, which I’ve never used other than the first time I used it. It’s like, why to add unnecessary chargers in your life. I am okay with carrying just one charger for my phone. Now you need to have a charger for your watch, then for your laptop, for your iPad. I am a guy who prefers living with the minimal.

Exhibit: Who is your inspiration in the Music field?
RahulI really love A R Rahman’s work for what he has done over the longest number of years. I love Sonu Nigam and I think he is a singer who is the finest talent ever produced in India. I am a huge fan of Alka Yagnik. And, I am a huge fan of a lot of other people but these three are the first name that comes to my mind.

Exhibit: The best and the worst thing about being in this profession? How would you like to describe the life of a playback singer?
RahulIn one word, it’s boring! If a Playback Singer isn’t into live performance or they weren’t doing any pop singles, it really becomes boring. What happens is, you’re required to sing with a particular idea and situation in mind. So, that’s kinda limits your creativity. And, I think music is something which cannot have any limitations to it. The best thing about being in this profession is that you can express the best. People fall in love with you very easily and it’s very easy to charm girls.

Exhibit: What do you do when you’re not dubbing or doing a gig?
RahulI love doing nothing. When I say nothing, I mean having no itinerary and nothing planned. I just lie down, I surf the YouTube and social media. I’ll watch movies, eat and I don’t like working out. So, just chill basically. Doing nothing is what I love doing!

Exhibit: Recently, a lot of actors have been trying their luck in singing. What are your thoughts on that?
RahulFantastic, nothing wrong! If singers can act, actors have full right to sing. And, it really shouldn’t matter, like Oh if he’s an actor, why is he singing?! I think it’s fair enough! If he’s good, people will like him. If he’s not bad, he’ll do a couple of more assignments and then he’ll shut up.


I think music is something which cannot have any limitations to it. The best thing about being in this profession is that you can express the best.


Exhibit: One thing you’d like to change in the current music scene?
RahulI think the most important thing is to let the concerned people do their job. What I mean is that, if a composer is composing, don’t give him an idea about what you’re expecting. Let him make something of his own. And, let’s try and make that popular. Today, when any particular song is a hit, everyone wants to make a song like that. But, it’s already done, right! So, don’t follow what has already been done, try and make something of your own.

Exhibit: Tell us what’s next on the cards?
RahulNext on the cards is my most ambitious single which is getting launched in August and is called ‘Keh Do Na’. I have shot the video in London and I believe it’s one of my best songs ever. I have composed it myself and this song is very close to my heart.

Exhibit: If given a chance to invent a gadget, what would that be?
RahulFor me, personally, I would like to invent a gadget which can take me to sleep whenever I want. Like, I am not very happy with my lifestyle. I sleep late, I wake up late but that’s also because of my profession. When I perform, I cannot be feeling sleepy at 10pm right? So, that’s why the night kinda continues and it goes on and on. So, I would like to develop a gadget which can prompt me to sleep.


  • Car you drive: Mercedes Benz GL
  • Instruments you play: Guitar and Keyboard
  • One favorite track sung by you: “Keh Do Na”– My upcoming song
  • Most unique tech gadget: The Calorie Tracker Watch
  • Most useful tech gadget: Is Condom a tech gadget?
  • Best piece of advice given to you: When God gives you something, he takes something back in return.
  • One song on loop: ‘Safar’ from ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’!
  • Favorite app for Musicians: Guitar Tuner App and iTanpura Lite App.
  • Any regrets: Not having to struggle more
  • Phone you’re using currently: iPhone 7 Plus
  • Among your contemporaries, you admire: Arijit Singh

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