Radiation Disaster May Condemn India

With a number of radioactive leakages that are taking place around, we can wait for a radiation Armageddon to happen in India sometime in the future. As we all are fully aware, the deadly effects of radiation can last for more than 900 years.

The latest example heavy water leakage from Kakrapur (Gujarat) atomic power station on March 11, 2016, is of what might have been a major radiation disaster. Since 1991, over 14 major leakages happened besides several minor ones in the cargo section of airports.

The Nobel Prize nominee in Chemistry for 2017, named Prof. Mrinal Thakur, says that if the Indian Government does not protect all nuclear installation with the polymer-based Anti-Nuclear Radiation Shields (ANRS), there’s a good chance for a Fukushima (Japan) type disaster to occur. This polymer-based paper or ANRS is capable of absorbing radiation. This eventually changes color. So, when it becomes black, the absorption of radiation is done.

Prof. Thakur is an NRI-scientist and the Director of the Photonic Materials Research Laboratory of Auburn University (USA). The good professor repented submitting a proposal to “seal” all nuclear reactors with ANRS to the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). This is because it was not implemented. And this eventually, threatens the very existence of the employees that are working at these nuclear plants.

“I even met the former Presidents, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in New Delhi to apprise them of the lurking danger of nuclear leakages. However, “sealing” of atomic reactors was not done,” Prof. Thakur mentioned concerning the “insensitive attitude of the Central Government may cause irreparable damage to the country”.

In a statement, he also mentioned that the Modi Government, plus the former Manmohan Singh-led Ministry did not take required steps to protect the nuclear reactors against any kind iodine and radioactive elements’ leakage. However, the global regulatory bodies have already proposed certain norms for allowable amounts of radiation from X-Ray tubes and the protection of walls of X-Ray rooms.

Prof. Thakur believes that with the aid of the ANRS, which was patented worldwide by him, all nuclear reactors can be capped against any radiation leakage, be it by industrial accidents and natural calamities like cyclone, landslides, flood, Tsunami, and earthquake.

Even though he submitted a “concrete proposal” to the AEC after meeting with its top officials in Mumbai five years ago, the officials took no steps for it.

Prof. Thakur stated that if companies covered the inner and outer-walls of nuclear reactors with ANRS, radioactive rays won’t be able to come out. Instead, they would be consumed by the polymer-based papers. Radioactive iodine is quite dangerous as it remains as a vapor at room temperature. So, it can travel long distances in short time. It causes severe diseases, thyroid cancer being a major one.

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