PUBG In Real Life For Prisoners – Faking News

PUBG mobile gets real. Unfortunately, for all you PUBG lovers this will be only played by Prisoners in Russia. Prisoners and PUBG? Yes, Prisoners can volunteer themselves in a real-life last individual standing event. If the individual wins, that person will get a chance to walk free from his sentence. Well, what about other Prisoners who participated in the event? They all perish and die in real life. I’m sure, you wouldn’t want to be a part of that, would you? You’re safer playing PUBG virtually. This is all going to take place in a secured area. Remember the Chernobyl disaster which took place in Pripyat town situated in Ukraine. The Russian and Ukranian government have collaborated to safeguard the borders and use the abandoned town as their area of Game Zone. Of course, steps will be taken by the Russian and Ukranian military to guard the boundaries of this area so that if any Prisoner decides to escape, they will be taken care of by the forces.

The event will work similarly like the PUBG game which you play on the desktop and your smartphone. 100 Prisoners will have to para-drop in their desired area and will have to search for supplies, which can be from a pickaxe to a Glock 18 with a limited number of rounds in it. No rifles and shotguns will be offered as the budget set up for this event by both the countries is limited and will be on a trial basis for 3 months. There will be announcements made with the help of helicopters and speakers situated in different places of Pripyat. That is how the Prisoners will know how many individuals are left for them to kill. However, in this event, there won’t be any red zones as the technology is still under development.

Both the countries will keep an eye on the Prisoners in the event with the help of drones and hidden CCTV cameras to keep a check on them. Apart from that, they will track down the Prisoners with the help of a GPS chip installed on their body. Many human rights activists are raising concerns over the cruelty of this event. Both these governments are going to live telecast this 24-hour event which will be spread across 2,400 square kilometres. The viewers will have to pay a premium to watch the action unfold live and therefore will also generate revenue for both the governments from an abandoned place with very less investment. Glad that we aren’t in Russia or in Ukraine for that matter or be careful that you don’t end up doing anything that will get you behind the bars. This PUBG escalated quickly into reality, didn’t it? I’m happy playing PUBG mobile with my friends! Would you want something like this implemented in India as well?

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