Plastic Ban: Is It Possible To Survive Without Plastic?

Just when we were thinking that the government is done with all its strange spree of banning things, it has come up with a brand new one – Plastic. The list of bans in India is pretty long ranging from 500-1000 rs notes, beef, porns to even liquor and the most recent being movies, all thanks to our so-called cultural torchbearers and moral police officers. So plastic comes across as a progressive step towards protecting the environment and safeguarding its natural resources. But the question here is will we be able to survive without plastic?

If we take a close look around us, it won’t take much time to realise that we are surrounded by plastics. From pen to your laptops to hair-clips, plastic has become a part of our existence. The chair you sit, the car you own, even the bottle you drink water is made up of plastic. So if all of that will be banned then your home will be nothing but an empty space that too with open windows as window frames are also made of our very own companion plastic.

The government has definitely given a solution which will help us stop the environmental degradation, but in return has given us the frustration of filling in the void that plastic will leave. Life will become less efficient that too without prior notice or exercises. Just like demonetisation, this also is a sudden development that the layman got to know and now possibly shaken thinking about how to go about it.

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The main issue with this ban that lack of uniformity as the current ban is just for Maharashtra making it only the 18th state in India. This leaves a lot of scopes for loopholes hence such bans have to be at the national level enforced in all states with the same stringency. This sudden ban will mean a loss of business and jobs because of it’s zero production. It is said that the loss is touted to be around 800 Cr rupees, which is a huge number considering the economic condition of the country.

Such a ban without providing with an alternative option to the people can make the situation chaotic. And if the idea is to protect the environment harm then the companies will start substituting plastics with paper leading to cutting down of more trees which is tantamount to the same. Alternatively, using tin or aluminium will lead to larger imports that affect the economy.

On the brighter side, this will be a major boost in the environment as plastic causes degradation of even pure air. There are certain schemes by the government which creates awareness among the people about the hazardous effect of using plastic. Also, they are trying to promote cloth bags instead of plastic bags which will pave way for small businesses to come up. So the idea or thought behind this ban is right but should have been executed only after a thorough study of consequences. Hence the government, instead of just imposing a ban on plastic, should come up with a better alternative than leaving its people to suffer in order to protect the environment.


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