Photographer Of The Month – ATUL KASBEKAR

Atul Kasbekar“On any given day, anybody can take a world class photo and potentially make the image famous worldwide in no time.”

Exhibit: Hello Atul, after the blockbuster hit Neerja, what’s the most exciting thing about your life right now?
AK: The bar has inadvertently been set very high with the critical acclaim and box office success of Neerja. So the most exciting thing about my life right now is the immense pressure on figuring out which movie is next.

Exhibit: What are the three words you can describe yourself in?
AK: Hardworking ,Passionate and Honest.

Exhibit: What was your first big purchase after you got your first pay cheque?
AK: I honestly cannot remember.

Exhibit: What is the piece of technology you cannot go a day without?
AK: I believe that it is the piece of technology, I cannot go a day without is definitely my smartphone.

Exhibit: A phrase or word you tend to overuse?
AK: “Got it?”

Exhibit: Tell us about your last really indulgent holiday.
AK: Last year in October, I went at the invitation of a Dutch friend to the White Truffle tasting all over Northern Italy. It was a week of the most indulgent gastro-decadence.

Exhibit: A celebrity you dream to photograph.
AK: I always dreamt to shoot Nelson Mandela, and actually had the opportunity to do a decade ago. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it that time and never got the opportunity later. It’s something I will always regret.

Exhibit: How do you want to grow old?
AK: Very fit, comfortably well off and as much in love and loved by my family and friends.

Exhibit: Who is easier to shoot? men or women?
: It’s much easier to shoot men and way more exciting and challenging to shoot women.

Exhibit: Is there a song you have on repeat at the moment?
AK: “Gehra Ishq” sung by Shekhar Ravjiani, music by Vishal Khurana.

Exhibit: How do you see the future of photography as an industry?
AK: I think the process of photography has been democratized by the number of post- production apps and software. Therefore, the importance of what one can imagine has become crucial in the creation of an image.The future will belong to artists with high technical and post-production expertise.

Exhibit: How do you think apps such as Instagram have changed our perceptions about photography?
AK: On any given day, anybody can take a world class photo and potentially make the image famous worldwide in no time.

Exhibit: With 4K video editing tools becoming handy? How do you see future of video editing?
AK: Like with apps and software for stills, video editing tools will continue to make high quality finished content accessible at a low cost to serious armatures and enthusiasts.We are already seeing short films being shot and produced with very basic equipment.

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