Now a phone you can wash!

This might just be a dream come true moments because, brace yourselves, a Japanese phone company Kyocera introduced a mobile phone model that can jow we washed with soap and water. Yes, you read that right. For all those who have wished to get rid rid of all the dirt on their phones (it’s more than you think and you are better off not knowing how many bacteria live on your phones).

Japanese phone brand Kyrocera launched its phone Kyrocera rafre which is resistant to hot water and soap.

However, the phone is an entry-level phone that comes with a 2GB RAM, 16GB memory and 13 megapixel camera which also comes without the traditional speakers and instead makes use of the smart sonic receiver technology. Although it might not be the first of its kind, it definitely is the first one that is resistant to foam and body soap, both.

The phone would be available for purchase in March this year and it has got us hoping that it would be available for sale elsewhere as well.

This takes us to wondering that, even in 2017, we can’t unsend messages. Yes, technology, we are looking at you!

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