NINA & MALIKA : DJ Of The Month

They have broken all stereotypes on their run to the top in the electronic music scene. With back to back shows, the gorgeously talented duo soon became a demanded act in the circuit and went on to perform at some of the biggest music festivals like SUNBURN & VH1 SUPERSONIC. They were picked up by brands like VOGUE India, GQ India, CALVIN KLEIN, and RANGE ROVER for endorsements. In the year 2016, the duo released their chart-topping debut single Never Let You Go in collaboration with ZAEDEN through the world’s biggest EDM record label SPINNING Records. The track garnered a whopping 4 Million + views on YouTube and has been a constant looper on playlists since its release. Nina & Malika hit jackpot when they opened for COLDPLAY in their first ever concert in India at the Global Citizen Festival 2016. In a fun-filled conversation with Smriti Raizada, Nina & Malika opened up about their journey, style of music, and a lot of tech trivia, obviously!

EXHIBIT: How difficult was it to become one of the most popular women DJ duo, especially in a male-dominated industry?

NINA & MALIKA: Being a female duo in a male-dominated industry actually worked to our advantage as it was something new in the Indian entertainment market.

EXHIBIT: How would you like to describe your style of music in live sets? 

NINA & MALIKA: It’s very dance-y. We play a lot of pop mashups with melodic drops here and there.

EXHIBIT: How does the response of your audience differ in different places you’ve played at? 

NINA & MALIKA: Well, we play at many different events; from clubs, college festivals to corporate & weddings events. So our crowd varies; from younger college kids to older adults or a mix of both. When we have a younger audience, we like to keep it young and fresh, playing the current hits mashed up with big bass and high energy beats! At events, since we deal with a more mature crowd, we play a mix of current and old hits mashed with a house retro feel. We play on different sets to engage our audience better as we play with a vibe that they can relate to more. Music at parties is all about connecting with a vibe you’re into!

EXHIBIT: What are your thoughts on social media and digital streaming of music? 

NINA & MALIKA: In some ways, it takes away the mystery of things because everything has become so accessible. But the upside is that it’s given so many different people a platform that might have never been seen or heard, so we have mixed feelings about it.

EXHIBIT: The best and worst thing about being a DJ?

NINA & MALIKA: Best: It’s all about music and connecting with people. Worst: The worst thing would have to be the many flights we take for our shows!

EXHIBIT: Any advice for aspiring DJs in India? 

NINA & MALIKA: Follow your dreams, don’t let people tell you otherwise but also learn to take helpful criticism.

EXHIBIT: What’s in store for 2019? 

NINA & MALIKA: Hoping to put out some new Music!



  • Most expensive tech you own: Mac
  • The phone you own: iPhone X
  • The car you drive: Rapid, Skoda
  • Your tech bucket list: Roli Seaboard
  • Name a favourite from your own tracks: Never Let You Go
  • Favorite music festival to play/want to play at: Sounds so cheesy but Coachella!
  • Essentials at a concert: Sunnies!
  • One mistake that dJs often make: Don’t think there’s one particular mistake, everyone has their own journey!



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