With a constant side grin on his face, and a dimpled one at that, Mr.Nikesh Arora’s pleasing personality is unmissable. The tall, not-so-dark, and handsome Arora has held several positions with Google but rather than knowing all of that, here are 9 note-worthy things about him.\n\n1) Nikesh was born in the humble town of Ghaziabad, his father being an officer with the Indian Air Force, which meant constantly shifting bases. This made him adjustable to the changing work atmosphere and even nature of jobs even for that matter.\n\n2) In 1989, when he joined Wipro, Nikesh sold 486 chipbased computers and later, migrated to The US of A. He moved from sales to product development, finance, investments and so on.\n\n3) What’s surprising is that Arora, who has been associated with Google for almost a decade now and riding high on success, was not too stimulated by Google in the beginning. When it was mentioned that Google wanted someone adaptable and not a traditional salesperson is when his background came to his aid.\n\n4) A true techie at heart, Nikesh loves talking about movies, his favourite one being Inception.\n\n5) His hearty laughter, selective likings for food, constantly looking for a radical change in the society and liking for fast moving things is quite apparent for anyone who knows him even dimly.\n\n6) His smart business suits, minus a tie with the top most button unbuttoned, makes him one of the coolest people in the tech industry.\n\n7) In a press conference, Nikesh admitted that people his age are migrants to the internet, while those of her daughter’s generation are the natives; that’s how the face of the online industry’s changing.\n\n8) Nikesh holds a master’s degree from Boston College and an MBA from Northeastern University, both of which were awarded with distinction.\n\n9) He also holds the CFA designation.

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