Having worked with revered organizations like Microsoft, Compaq and IBM at senior positions, Neelam Dhawan’s story will tell you more about serendipity; about what happens when women decide to live life on their own terms, undeterred. Having climbed the corporate ladder, she has been working as HP’s Managing Director since 2008 with a portfolio that has extended to offshore activities, BPO, Software Engineering, Research and IT Services and has helped in shaping the company’s overall business agenda.\n\nIn 9 points, let’s have a look at her life! >>\n\nI. Being a leader in tech, she holds a degree in Economics which was followed by an MBA in Marketing Management, from Delhi.\n\nII. When God closes one door look on the other side; you might’ve ignored the one that’s shedding light on the one shut. When her first preference, FMCGs, was sceptical to hire her thereby giving into the stereotypical bias of the time against women, the IT Industry welcomed her with open arms. This accidental stint turned out to be the turning point in her career and she out did her times.\n\nIII. She began her career with HCL at a time when people had not foreseen that IT will be at the helm of every other industry and started her career as a trainee executive only to end up working there for a good 14 years. One can easily say that her HCL’s and the IT Industry’s growth along with her has been in the same direction upwards.\n\nIV. Jean Paul Sartre has said, We must act out passion before we can feel it. Having worked in the Industry for more than two decades now, the quote holds true of Neelam, too. She has inspired women from all walks of life to up themselves.\n\nV. The lady who doesn’t like flaunting her position and accomplishments has been a member of the Supervisory Board at Koninklijke Philips N.V. since April 2012.\n\nVI. Mother to two daughters, Naina and Nupur, she has worked at senior positions with Microsoft, Compaq, IBM. It is hardly a surprise then that she is a mascot for all women in the IT Industry.\n\nVII. Neelam featured in Fortune’s annual global list of ˜50 Most Powerful Women in Business’ in the year 2009; this could be attributed to her move to HP as its MD in the year 2008.\n\nVIII. Ambitious and confident, she loves vacationing in London and likes the place for its people and rich cultural history.\n\nIX. On a lighter note, the veteran slows down by playing crosswords and puzzles and preparing meals on Sundays.\n\n“We must act out passion before we can feel it. ” …Jean Paul Sartre

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