Music Sensation Of the Month – Sukriti & Prakriti Kakar

Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar have conquered the hearts of many with their hits like Kar gayi chull, Katra katra and Hawa hawa. They are perhaps the first successful twin vocalists in Bollywood. In this freewheeling conversation with Harsha Prerna, the prodigious duo share with us snippets from their life, career and music choices.

Ex: Your recent performance at the Kala Ghoda Festival was a raging success! What’s the secret behind this marvellous coordination between the two of you?

Sukruti: I think coordination has always been inbuilt between us and it’s always existed. We both started singing at a very young age, and together. Our taste in music is very similar but singing styles are different so that gives us a lot of scope to variate and improvise for our live gigs and concerts. We end up doing a a lot of mashups across various genres and that’s what our USP is. And performing together on stage since the last few years has made the telepathic connection in our music very strong and we always are in sync with each other.

Prakriti: The secret is that we have been performing for the last four years and also that we were born as twins and unlike most people who choose to perform together, we already have a telepathy which obviously reflects in our singing and coordination. So yeah this is a success (chuckles). It was the headline act and it was a Bombay gig and we are Bombay girls so a lot of people came to watch us.

Ex: What according to you is the best and the worst part about being twins?

Sukruti: The best part is you literally share a house and a career with your best friend and there’s no one who understands you better without even expressing it. We are each others biggest strength and weakness and it’s a constant support system right at home. However, for the worst part, I have to say is the identity crisis and daily comparisons it comes along with and how sometimes everyone confuses us. Sometimes it gets annoying but now we’ve made peace with it!

Prakriti: Best part of being twins is that you do not need anybody else and you feel complete. You have a best friend 24/7 who is also doing the same thing as you and feels the same thing as you. She gets to be a part of your soul-gang so hardly any words are needed to have a communication. So a lot is understood without having to talk about it.
The worst part is probably the identity crisis we both face and the fact that you might have done something in your life and something totally different and people still don’t give us a credit for doing those songs because they think dono ne gaya hai (both have sung). We don’t get recognised in our individual things much because people get confused.

Ex: The best and the worst thing about being in this profession? How would you like to describe the life of a playback singer?

Sukruti: The best part is the creative freedom it brings and it’s an amazingly gratifying job. The fact that you don’t know what you have in store for next is very exciting and the opportunities are endless. Playback singing trains you a lot because you’re portraying character and you have to express that while you’re singing.

Prakriti: The best part is that because you are on the receiving end of the profession you sometimes get called for the most amazing song and the most amazing movie and it feels like a dream come true. Because our profession is always about opportunities, sometimes you are so close to singing the dream KAKAR EXCLUSIVE in talks with 68 I I APR 19 song of your life and the worst part is when you don’t get to. You don’t get to make that cut because somebody else gets it and like I said, nothing is certain. Everything is super unpredictable. You could have sung a song for two years but the last week before release, somebody else can come and take your spot.

Ex: If given a chance to invent a gadget, what would it be?

Sukruti: I think it would be something like an instrument or gadget which helps in vocal warm ups before a recording or a live performance.. something which helps you warm up your voice quickly. That would be really cool and fascinating.

Prakriti: If I have to invent a gadget of course it would be a musical gadget. It would be a device where I sing any melody, like a new composition and it would somehow align those notes to a format where I get to choose what genre that song could be. It could be anything ranging from pop, rock, soul, R&B . It would give me a ready-made arrangement or production for that song. So, basically a gadget where I press record and I sing a new tune, choose a time signature and then i get a new arrangement without really having to produce a song.

Ex: If you weren’t into the music sphere, what would both of you be doing?

Sukruti: Maybe something on the lines of fashion and lifestyle. Maybe I’d be working on my own fashion line or something exciting like that. I’ve always loved drawing and designing outfits.

Prakriti:  I don’t know what I would be doing. But if I really had to choose, I would do something in the talent management scene or PR scene. Something that would still keep me close to the industry and something that would still keep me in with what’s really happening in the music scene so I think I would do something about managing talent or something like that because I think it’s amazing when you see somebody grow and it’s because of you.

Ex: Who do you consider as an inspiration in your music careers?

Sukriti: A lot from the west and the east. Growing up there was Whitney Houston, Shania Twain, Beyonce, Madonna , Frank Sinatra to name a few and then obviously Asha Ji has been a huge inspiration growing up. My favourites are Arijit Singh, Sonu Nigam, and Shankar Mahadevan.

Prakriti: Our inspiration doesn’t end. So I get inspired from everything. Right from meeting someone to an incident that might have taken place to the last song I heard to hearing something new tomorrow. I think inspiration is a never ending process and as an artist we seek inspiration from almost evrything that happens to us in our lives.

Ex: Who is a greater social media addict between you? Which platform do you find more addictive?

Sukriti: I think both of us are totally obsessed with being on our phones and social media is a huge part of our daily routines. Out of both of us, Prakriti is more into Twitter and I’m more into Instagram.. I love taking pictures around me and sometimes of me and I love documenting everything on Instagram.

Prakriti: I think that has to be a tie. Me and Sukriti are both such kind of people who cannot get enough of their phones or get out of social media.If t[here is one social media which I am heavily addicted to like its a social magazine, its Instagram. It’s really really spoilt us and we happen to be really big addicts.

Ex: Tell us about a rumour you wish was true?

Sukriti: A rumour I heard recently about me was that I bought this huge house in Bandra. I wish that was true for sure!

Prakriti: One rumour about me which I heard which I really wish was true is that I am a star kid.

Ex: What’s on the cards for this year? Enlighten us on your upcoming projects?

Sukriti: There’s a lot coming up. In 2019, our focus is going to be on singles and independent music. You’re going to hear more of us one after the other. We’re hoping to release our next in April.

Prakriti: About the cards I don’t know. But what’s on my mind and what’s on my heart I really know for sure. I think the future for me would be a lot of independent music. Its like I found new aspect altogether I really want to focus on in terms of music. A lot of song writing is happening and lot of new music is being made. I cannot wait to dish out those tunes and finally make everyone hear. I and Sukriti are on a very personal discovery of sorts. We cannot wait to let everybody know what we are up to because we are finding our zone and finding our sound as an artist which is a lot of fun. Apart from that there is a lot of film music and hopefully you will be hearing our voices in movies soon.

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