Music Sensation Of The Month – Amaal Mallik

He is a talent house – a music director, singer and lyricist all in one. Debuted in 2014, he has given us some unforgettable melodies to cherish. In an as candid way as possible, Amaal Mallik has opened up to Harsha Prerna and spoke about the current music scene along with enlightening us on his upcoming projects.

EXHIBIT: What is your style of music? 

Amaal Mallik: I have always believed that having a style stunt a person’s growth. I prefer merging my expression through various styles and always work towards getting close to what the melody wants me to do.

EXHIBIT: Your thoughts on Social media, music promotion, and digital Streaming?

Amaal Mallik: Social Media is a beast that if directed properly can work wonders for the world. Anywhere, anyone can voice himself/herself at the click of a button and that’s lovely and equally dangerous.
As far as it being used for Music Promotion, Music has never realized a bigger reach than it is today, with Youtube and other platforms. Its Importance is definitely there. A good song not promoted, won’t do the numbers that a promoted song will do. Promotion is key.
Moreover, it helps to give a real perspective of who you really are, and people can get a better insight about you and your thoughts, and that’s what brings an artist closer to his audience.
Music Promotion is as important as everything else today. If a good song isn’t well promoted, it invariably finds it very difficult to find its place in the market. On the contrary, if a good song is well promoted, it becomes timeless. Digital Streaming again branches out from the above point holds the same Importance.
It’s easier to get onto the Internet and put your sound and voice out there for people to listen to, be it via YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.

EXHIBIT: Describe your relationship with technology?

Amaal Mallik: Well, it’s mixed in its ways. As much as I love being updated with the latest technology etc. I think it takes away from the organic nature of my profession, which is so important, to us Artists. So I try and find a balance.
I make sure I’m upgrading in Hardware and Knowledge, where required and I try avoiding needless use of it unless the track demands it.
I usually love my tracks to sound 50% electronic and 50% acoustic. I’m more of a live Instruments guy, I love jamming with musicians and coming up with ideas than just play elements through a keyboard.

EXHIBIT:  Who is your inspiration in the Music field? 

Amaal Mallik: It’s a question a Musician can never answer. At this moment in time, there about a 1000 voices, styles, expressions that drive me and naming any one or few, will actually account to nothing. I’ve studied music from Retro Hindi to English Retro, all the way to the electronic space today and my inspirations exist in each spectrum.
I listen to a range of musicians from Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson Williams, Seal, Sting, Enrique, Michael Jackson, Elton John, AR Rehman, Santosh Narayan, Pritam, Martin Garrix, Lauv, JaiWolf, Ann Marie, David Guetta, Justin Timberlake, Bieber.
But on a very personal level, my Grandfather, Shri Sardar Mallik, has been a huge inspiration to me.

amaal malikEXHIBIT:  The best and the worst thing about being in this profession? 

Amaal Mallik: The Worst thing about the music industry is too much reference, and no one single decision maker, everyone has a viewpoint and sometimes to match everyone’s requirement doesn’t allow us to express the way we wish to and bring out something we’d wanna share with our audiences. A music supervisor, A label head, A producer, The Director, The Actor. Sometimes choreographers as well. That’s the number of approvals a song in Bollywood needs before it releases.
The good thing about it is that it has a large audience, Bollywood is known all over, so your music reaches out to places you can’t even imagine. The description of a composer does change from person to person. For me, I see it as a constant attempt at cracking the barriers and trying to find a horizon beyond, each time.

EXHIBIT: What do you do when you’re not composing, dubbing or doing a gig? 

Amaal Mallik: I actually love my sleep. I skip most plans to move out on days that I don’t work. I prefer catching up on my sleep since I sacrifice a chunk of it when I am at work. If not that, my friends are at the home studio working, so I end up spending most of my time with them.

EXHIBIT:  Recently, a lot of actors have been trying their luck in singing. What are your thoughts on that? 

Amaal Mallik: I think it’s lovely. It helps the film in a lot of ways. The only thing to be kept in mind, according to me, is that the song should somewhere suit their voice. A needless usage of their voice on a song that doesn’t suit their voice can actually end being more of a bane, than a boon.
It’s a fantastic change. Shraddha sang for me in Baaghi, with so much grace and warmth in Sab Tera, and she is a trained singer so it didn’t feel like an actor attempting singing. Salman Khan sang Main Hoon Hero Tera, yes we tuned it and stuff, but we do that for singers too. I don’t see why more actors shouldn’t be doing it.
But and a very big but, there are songs today, that only a singer can pull off and an XYZ actor shouldn’t attempt it. Actor or singer, whoever sounds right for your song – use them is my policy.

EXHIBIT: If given a chance to invent a gadget, what would that be?

Amaal Mallik: I’d invent a Machine that would read my mind’s Arrangement for a song, convert it into algorithms and just Produce it for me on my screen in the same way. I say this because we lose out creativity sometimes, Amidst our technical application.

EXHIBIT: If you weren’t into this field, what would you be doing? 

Amaal Mallik: I have never thought of a plan B to be honest and so I really don’t know. Music has, is around and will always be the only thing I’ll do. No matter what, the scale is.
To be honest, I have never and will never think about this answer. I don’t know what I’d be doing if I wasn’t doing music and there’s nothing I’d possibly want to do other than music.

EXHIBIT: Enlighten us on your upcoming projects that we can look up to?

Amaal Mallik: Right now I’m gearing up for my releases next year De De Pyaar De with Akiv Ali & Luv Ranjan Starring Ajay Devgan.

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