Movies That Shaped Upcoming Technology

The universe is witness to plenty of predictions of what the future of Technology would be like with some coming true and some miserably missing bullseye. Amidst all such predictions, there were cult movies that created a whole new world of technology, popularly known as sci-fi. But, if at times you do look up from your mobile screens, you can realise that the fiction part of it has gone with a lot of movie technology already found in real life. Check out some of them here-

Star Trek PADD: iPad, Flip phones

The uncanny resemblance to current technology that this movie gave the world is not even funny; tech right from 3D printers to voice recognition. However, the closest it got was with its version of a smartphone. It is also claimed by the inventor of the cell phone that Star Trek was sure an inspiration.

picard padds2001: Space Odyssey/Blade Runner: Video Technology

This Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece features a lot of futuristic technology but what catches our eyes the most is the how it rightly depicted the Video calling technology that we now call Skyping and Facetiming. Another movie that featured a similar technology is Blade Runner that showed a man video calling someone at a payphone booth. It was almost close and would’ve been on point were it showing a portable device doing the same thing.

bladerunnerDemolition Man: Virtual Porn

Does that sound exciting to you? Well then you should be thankful and happy to know that Demolition Man, the movie, showed a man wearing a headset and indulging in what is now known as Virtual porn. Today, virtual porn is an easily accessible option that allows users to indulge in their favourite porn as if they were present! 

demolition man

Total Recall: Driverless Car

This movie depicted Arnold Schwarzenegger packed in a room full of futuristic tech and although it featured a driverless car driven by a toy, it was almost right about what Tesla is doing now. Not too bad for a movie, right?

total recall

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