5 Remarkable Movies That Celebrated 14 Years Of Their Journey

The history of Indian cinema is remarkable in its self and goes back to the nineteenth century. Movies have inspired, impacted, lured, conceptualized our minds in ways that has surpassed any idea of a motion picture. Films have seen numerous new productions and technology in this while from the gamut of genres like mythology, comedy, romance, thriller to horror. The Bollywood industry has transformed into making more realistic movies to well-cooked screen appearances. We are in the year 2019 where the global footprint of Indian cinema is massive. So we have decided to take you down the lane that Bollywood movies have marked an eye on the screen. The movies from the year 2005 are celebrating 14 years of its glorious past and we can’t help but let nostalgia hit us. The journey of these movies from the bygone times are the ones that have highlighted the journey of Bollywood.

  • Black

The gem by Sanjay Leela Bhansali was a tribute to the famous blind and deaf laureate Helen Keller. The exceptional screenplay, direction, and extreme melodrama was the metaphor. The characters played by Amitabh Bachchan was done with fluid maturity that startled the audience out of their wits. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s indulgence, pain, and passion have given us more than a movie but an experience we would never have enough of.

  • Page 3 

Film by Madhur Bhandarkar revolved around the protagonist Konkona Sen Sharma who was a journalist and taken aback by the dual lives of celebrities and the hypocrisy of the Bollywood industry. It went on to win many awards

  • Parineeta 

The first feature film by Pradeep Sarkar was a lavish adaptation of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhye’s novel starring Saif Ali Khan, Sanjay Dutt, and Vidya Balan. It was the finest form of depiction of love, lost and found. Vidya Balan’s phenomenal performance, Saif’s colossal stride and Sanjay’s charismatic yet efficient screen time make it worth the watch every time.

  • Iqbal 

The story of an 18-year-old deaf and dumb boy is a drama film written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor came out to be the movie of the decade. A movie like that does not comes out so frequently and touch the hearts of the viewers. Shreyas Talpade delivered a knock-out performance in conveying not only emotions but also the body language and poster of a bowler.

  • Socha na tha 

The movie which was a debut by the novice director Imtiaz Ali, released in 2005 this movie got lost in between the mega-blockbuster like Black, Page 3, Parineeta and Iqbal. The film wasn’t a mushy one boy one girl love story but rather it felt retable and desirable because of the film’s undeniable charms who were the actors Ayesha Takia and Abhay Deol. This was Imtiaz’s most underrated film but yet we saw the director’s genius.

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