Monday Motivation!

The world is witness to stories of dedication that made companies into empires. Monday calls for some motivation and the following brief stories of perseverance on the parts of the Founders of some massive companies will inject enough motivation into you because that’s exactly what we all need right now, don’t we? Take a look-


Rags to riches isn’t a novel story. But, sticking by your conviction when you most need to is what this story has in store as a lesson. And this might just be one of the most inspiring stories you’ll hear and need and you know why? Because if a 65 years old man, barely living in a hand-to-mouth situation could stand strong through 1000 rejections (1009 rejections to be precise) only to finally establish a globally renowned food chain that Kentucky Fried Chicken is, then there’s nothing that is impossible. KFC owner Colonel Sanders banked on his ability to make unique and tasty chicken and that eventually led him to the big bucks.


While we’re busy in the petty disputes in our lives, a dispute between two people- Enzo Ferrari and Ferrucio Lamborghini led to the emergence of automobile Lamborghini brand, a direct competitor to Ferrari. Lamborgini, an established tractor manufacturer, found flaws in his Ferrari model which when he pointed out to Ferrari was not took into consideration. That’s when Lamborghini decided to make his own car and the rest is history.


Proving to be one of the most badass owners of any company, FedEx owner Fred Smith turned the tables around just when he was expected to give up. Spending the remainder of his bankrupt company’s money into playing Black Jack to get some funding after multiple rejections of acquisition, FedEx got some funding to operate for a few more days and went from being a bankrupt company to a delivery express. Now that’s some style, isn’t it?

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