Microsoft to integrate Ubuntu within Windows

Microsoft developers are on the roll after rolling news after news. First news came to us as a shocker, when we never expected cross network play under one platform and few days later with no time to breathe plans on working to integrate Ubuntu within windows. This comes out as a big news to all the developers as it allows Ubuntu users the freedom to explore on Microsoft. It seems to be working with Canonical to integrate Ubuntu into windows. Just to give you a clear picture, we are not talking about a Windows-Hybrid OS, neither would you need another machine for virtual machine. Furthermore, it also implies that you wouldn’t need a dual boot setup on an OS as well no need to sacrifice switching between boot modes on a dual boot mode.

Ubuntu_640-624x351To a layman, it wouldn’t make much of a difference and would absolutely mean nothing, but to developers it isn’t a game changer but a life changing revolution. Developers be aware though as Microsoft is bundling technicalities in the name of over simplification. Ubuntu wouldn’t be divided or felt like it’s on a separate physical PC giving the liberty to access Windows library. It allows developers to gain direct access to Linux libraries within a Windows environment. Ubuntu users will run on native Windows libraries, which will make use of subsystems for everything else.

Microsoft has also been working to bring containers to Windows. What happens is that it will allow you to run a program and bundle them into container and also virtual PC will run on one program creating no hassles of two programs to run differently, as well as switching from a dual boot setup. The advantages are that it will isolate a participating program from the rest of the system just like a virtual machine.

Windows idea of cross network developments simplifies things for developers which will pay dividends to Microsoft. This clearly indicates Microsoft means strict business and as the plan suggests of changing, they are just on the right track. Stay with us on TheTechy for all updates and rumours on tech.

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