Mandatory Insulin For Diabetics – A New Found Scam In Healthcare System!!

As the world is progressing towards a much more progressive and technologically advanced front, human deficits are slowly getting worse. Pollutants and artificial ingredients are becoming the causative factors of various dangerous ailments. Diabetes is one such ailment that might not sound very dangerous but the additional effects that it provokes are often fatal or life threatening for sure.

Insulin is believed to be a boon for the diabetics all around the world. Diabetes Type 2 specifically is completely insulin dependent. However many researchers and scientists have began to question the authenticity of this popular belief about Insulin.

Fiona Godlee, the former and first ever editor of British Medical Journal has a different statement to give. Known to be one of the whistleblowers of dirty tricks and hidden facts of the healthcare industry, she spoke of some really nasty secrets during her recent visit to India. Godlee said that Insulin is in fact prescribed  by healthcare professionals to pocket a good amount of monetary benefits.

Insulin does not have a generic variant so it is completely a privately owned and created product. Only 3 specific biggies produce Insulin, thus giving them a complete monopoly over the Insulin market globally. According to them the cost of research and improvisation to upgrade the potency of the drug requires heavy funding which in turn results in the price hike.

Insulin is only partly covered by insurance thus making it a burden in itself. However Insulin being the only medication to control Diabetes type 2 , makes it difficult to search for any other alternative. A recent dirty secret unveiled stated that one of the reason why the patients are coaxed and literally brainwashed to use Insulin is the heavy rebates and profit margins the healthcare professionals are provided with.

Though the validation of the statement is yet to be confirmed but it has come to limelight that a group of extremely agile and powerful middlemen popularly known as PBM or Pharmacy Benefit Managers are the invisible controllers of Insulin distribution and profit globally.

How far the situation will improve or deteriorate is yet to be seen.

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